Resistance: Burning Skies New Trailer Released

Resistance: Burning Skies is starting to grab my attention now.

Over on the PS Blog, a new trailer has dropped for the alien fighting Vita title along with the Trophy list. You can find both of these below for your convenience.


The trophy list is pretty much spoiler free, so don’t be nervous about grabbing a look if you are interested in some Vita silverware.

Trophy List

  • Platinum Platinum – Earn all trophies
  • Staten Island Bronze – Successfully complete level 1
  • Hidden Trophy Gold
  • Upgrade Bronze – Upgrade a weapon in Single Player Campaign
  • Combine Silver – Upgrade both slots in Single Player Campaign
  • Customize Gold – Upgrade all weapons in Single Player Campaign
  • Indiscriminate Bronze – Kill an enemy with every weapon in the Single Player Campaign
  • Variety Bronze – Use the Secondary Fire of each weapon in the Single Player Campaign
  • Dangerous Bronze – Kill 250 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign
  • Deadly Silver – Kill 500 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign
  • Lethal Gold – Kill 1000 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign
  • Axed Silver – Kill 50 Chimera with Riley’s Axe in the Single Player Campaign
  • Overheat Silver – Kill 50 Chimera by detonating their heat stacks in the Single Player Campaign
  • Boom Silver – Kill 100 Chimera with headshots in the Single Player Campaign
  • Impaled Silver – Kill an Impaler
  • Executed Silver – Kill an Executioner
  • Giant Gold – Kill any combination of 18 Impalers or Executioners
  • Hidden Trophy Gold
  • Hidden Trophy Gold
  • Incite Gold – Complete one round of Multiplayer

With all the new information we are getting and the hands on from Alex, I’m starting to really like the look of this.

Source: EU Blog.



  1. Been playing final code for a day now, it’s identical to the preview code so if you want to know what it’s like – read on:

    Annoyed the control issues weren’t fixed. Patch incoming, hopefully.

  2. Still looks visually bad to me, quite off putting.

    • The trailer’s terrible, it looks (and moves) much better than that.

      • thats good to hear, it will be the next vita game I get.

      • Oh that’s good. I was beginning to worry that the framerate was that bad in final code.

  3. got this baby on preorder look nice.

  4. Actually looks better in that trailer than previously, only concern for me now is the length of the sp campaign.

  5. I think I’ll give this a miss, looks a bit boring and I wasn’t too impressed with Resistance 3.

    A Gold trophy just for playing 1 round of multiplayer?! :O

    • Maybe the connection is as flakey as wipeout can be, and we all know you’ve been having problems with that game! So gold due to it being an achievement.

      • Lol – it makes a mockery of the 2 multiplayer Golds I hope to achieve in WipEout 2048. That’s passing 210 games or 630 if you don’t pass them but have 3 attempts on each. Yes, I’m bitter ;)

        Aparently there should be server maintenance this week on the WipEout servers so I’m hoping things will be improved, although they were much better the last Meet. Hopefully that means patch 1.03 for Vita will be finished too!

  6. You are a gentleman sir :)

  7. Just gotta play through the first four Resistance games…

  8. I’m looking forward to this now,bit of something different on the vita :)

  9. Feeling pretty bad now, just saw Amazon’s updated Vita deal.


    The Wi-fi Vita is just under £180! 3G is just under £210. With the bundles for Wi-fi you get a free 4GB card and a £15 game with main choices being MK, Fifa and Rayman.

    The 3G bundle has the same deal, but Uncharted is an option for £15.

    I used the Wi-fi deal a while ago when the Wi-fi version was about £220, and got Rayman. Damn.

    • There will always be a better bundle, you just got to stop caring and move on. I payed about £100 just for the stupid 32GB memory card. But it was worth it, because now I have it and can move on.

      • £100! Now I feel lucky I got it for £60!

    • I still think the best deal is HMV airside at the airport if you know someone who can shop there. My da got the wifi and uncharted plus pre-order pack for £180 then paid £20 for an 8gb. So £200 in all at launch. Might be even better now :p.

      Getting this pre-ordered from Zavvi for £24 with code :D

      • That does sound good.

        I guess i’m just angry i got sucked in by the hype around launch and nothing’s really happened since

  10. Pre-ordered a while ago, £24 on amazon. Because screw you VAT, I’m not British! :-D

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