Sony Call The PS3 The “Best Console For Core Gamers”

[drop2]Sony have teamed up with Activision to put together a limited edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PS3 bundle.

In the US at least, $299 will get you a 320GB PlayStation 3 and a copy of the game, which SCEA call “one of the best-selling first person action games of all time.”


Interestingly Sony – in the official Blog post – call the PS3 the “best console for core gamers”. To be honest, after everything Microsoft have done recently, I’m tempted to agree.

Continuing to push the virtues of the console, Sony remind potential buyers that the PSN (to play online) is free.

“Right out of the box,” says the press release, “you will have instant and free access to the action-packed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 online multiplayer experience through PlayStation Network.”



  1. Should have been at launch and of course you would be mad thinking the PS3 is not the best console for core gamers.

  2. Obviously I am biased, but I tend to agree, the PS3 is fantastic piece of hardware and I love the games I play on it.

  3. While the PS3 is a great piece of kit it is not the best console for core gamers. Every game looks superior on Xbox except for of course the Sony 1st party titles, the continue lack of party chat is incredible. Blu ray of course is amazing but as a gaming system PS3 is just ultimately a more frustrating experience.

    • ‘Cos graffix are everything right? :P

      Oh & cross game chat? Really?

      • No but graphics do have to be tolerable to play, I’ve given up on third party games because the textures are too blurry and in general look crap. Cross game chat isn’t everything but it’s a very nice feature, I don’t want to be forced to stare at a white background when talking to friends.

      • Well i think ‘tolerable’ is a bit of stretch tbh, considering its usually a case of nothing more than a bush being missing or something when the two platforms are compared.

        I have not seen a game (apart from ports of wii & ps2 games etc) that i feel fits into your criteria to be honest.

        As for cross game chat, i just thought that the suggestion had simply died out now considering it was noted that it would never happen. In fact, i thought it was just raised now as a joke, but apparently not!

        The easiest way for you to talk to your friends without the white background would be to play the same game! Maybe that’s too ‘out there’ a suggestion? :P

        Personally, i just don’t see the point in it though – Why do i need to hear about someone pwning n00bs on Modern Battlefield whilst i am trying to decide the best way to attack this corner?

  4. Yep best games console this Gen now :P It had a slow start tho, but all good now i think;) + $299? ? ? The PS3 should be under $199 in the US by now(i know this is the 320GB version with MW3 game but that is not the point really. People walk into a shop & see this at $299 then they see the Xbox 360 at $1(or something like that) :D & they will go for the Xbox 360 because it looks cheaper there & then)

    • Fanboyism aside (really, you should address that as it tends to grate on people), you are actually correct – I can’t help but feel that this far into the consoles lifecycle it should be just a little cheaper than $299 for a bundle of one game to stay competitive.

    • Or they happen to like certain games on the 360 and want to get a 360. ;)

  5. Aside from all the ‘Which is better’ stuff going on, I think this bundle is a bit late. Throw it out there at launch and you have sales. Now? Too little too late. Anyone who gave a crap about MW3 already has it.

    Maybe better for them to do a bundle with the Killzone 3 and Resistance 3? Seems more appropriate for their cause.

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