Sony Call The PS3 The “Best Console For Core Gamers”

[drop2]Sony have teamed up with Activision to put together a limited edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PS3 bundle.

In the US at least, $299 will get you a 320GB PlayStation 3 and a copy of the game, which SCEA call “one of the best-selling first person action games of all time.”


Interestingly Sony – in the official Blog post – call the PS3 the “best console for core gamers”. To be honest, after everything Microsoft have done recently, I’m tempted to agree.

Continuing to push the virtues of the console, Sony remind potential buyers that the PSN (to play online) is free.

“Right out of the box,” says the press release, “you will have instant and free access to the action-packed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 online multiplayer experience through PlayStation Network.”



  1. Exclusive wise yes, but i wouldn’t say it’s the best console for gamers plus we can barely use the damm PSN due to SCEE not telling us in advance when they decide to do fecking maintance!

    I consider both the 360 and PS3 the best consoles for core gamers but if MS continues to shove adverts down gamers throats and increase the time it takes to just boot up a game, i may end up agreeing with Sony.

    Oh and before the resident fanboy accuse me of hating on Sony, i own a PS3. Sorry, i knew i shouldn’t have. *goes to the naughty room*

    • Weren’t you in the naughty room already? Or do you have multiple?

      • Peter keeps moving the Naughty Room around TSA towers and seems to keep forcing me in there. I create a few hundred clones for him and this is how he repays me! *goes on strike as the resident nutter*

    • Owning a ps3 doesn’t stop you being a fanboy (am just saying) anyway your point would have been valid a few years ago but now games run just as smooth as the 360 & even look as good if not better on the ps3.

      I’m not being a fanboy I too have a Xbox it just never get used

    • One just likes to take more risks like with Littlebigplanet or Modnation Racers and Journey and the other depends on the same guys like Halo or Forza but has timed exclusives for stuff like Limbo and Bastion..en stuff with a few exclusives just for XBL too but being Microsoft it just doesn’t help considering there history and recent updates.

      Soo all three home consoles have there own games or identity but to me Playstation is the best for me and that isn’t “fanboyism” (should be banned from the universe) its just what I’m interested in always seem to appear on either Sony or Nintendo. So yeah? really like something but to prefer a Cornetto towards a bland ice cream cone? thats preferenism not that cringe-worthy.. horrid term fanboy… Ugh *vomits* Should never be mentioned.

  2. At the moment, I too would agree if Sony’s statement. Just by looking at the amount of PS3 exclusives coming out, and then the 360 ones, and then you know why.

  3. The funny thing is, Microsoft already have in place things that would make the console more attractive to the core gamer, such as MW3 map-pack exclusivity and mainstream games like Gears of war. But right now, they just seem to be willingly ignoring the successes of the past in favour of yet more advertising on a PAID FREAKIN’ SERVICE, and yet more home-entertainment crap that I don’t see why anyone would be interested in. I tried Netflix on PS3, and while it was ok, I’d much rather have a choice of current movies on blu-ray with all the trimmings than just a low-res version of that same movie.

    • Because Netflix costs less per month than the cost of one movie on blu-ray. If you watch a lot of stuff it’s way cheaper.

      • Not everyone has the connection quality to cope with Netflix if they want to watch everything in HD.
        Anyway, it’s a paid service (XBL), so we shouldn’t have to wade through ads everywhere to find what we want all the time.

      • I didn’t mention the ads (or a platform), I was literally just talking about Netflix. And no, not everyone can watch in HD, but you can still watch in SD. Yes, it’s lower quality but it’s still way cheaper.

    • That may sound funny, but somehow i can get CoD Elite on PS3 but not on 360 here, so the exclusivity plays no role at all.

      • Well, not “at all”, mind, but i’d rather have a full service than a shitty service rushed.

      • Your in Russia right?

  4. THAT late?

    • Amazing isn’t it. Rolling out trailers for the next Call of Duty and Sony get a package out for MW3.

  5. sony say their machine is good?

    the cheek of em. o_O

    both machines are good, but sony do seem to have more of a focus on games then ms do of late.
    though ms actually seem to be aware of the existence of this place called europe

    • what is this europe you talk of?! is it somewhere that was created when two universes collided during a war in which americans are the only ones fighting the bad guys and taking all the glory?!

      • wait, i’ve got the sony guide book to the world.
        let me see, europe?

        ah here it is.

        “see there’s these two supercontinents right, one’s called japan and the other is called north america.
        and they’re the only places where any signs of civilisation can be found.
        out in the vast endless ocean surrounding these two, there’s this little island, home to a few primitive tribes, they call it europe, what a silly name eh folks?

        somewhere just off the coast of this island there’s an even smaller island, they call it the rest of the world.
        how silly, what a distorted view of the world they have.

        we let them have some of our cool things sometimes, at a vastly inflated price of course ;)

        so now you knew about the world, have fun in it.”

        well, that was interesting. ^_^

      • Its a planet..or even a moon?

  6. I thought Sony was promoting & had a deal with EA over BF3 now they jumping ship (i may be wrong) but doesn’t BF side more with ps3 even the ads where ps3 based

    • To be honest they’re just using Cod because of its popularity.

      • ? popularity/demand always a bad route, where retail’s concerned.

      • sorry just woke & when I do, i’m always a sarcastic twat.
        To contradict even my own comment, mw3 is a strange choice, because it is so popular, has a high demand & emptied the shelves half a year ago, it’s a surprising choice for a bundle at this time, as oppose to say Starhawk. I can only assume it’s a strategy to caputure potential customers, who are just entering the gaming scence, cod is popular with the young ones after all. Maybe Acti over produced & have given Sony money in an attempt to clear excess stock.
        Maybe I shou… zzz ZZZ

    • Sony have a deal with EA to put the PS3 on BF3 ads and has a deal for time limited exclusivity DLC (Even patches too) for BF3. I wouldn’t put it as jumping ship as they aren’t breaking a deal with EA, more like covering all bases with the massive franchises.

      • No, it doesn’t apply to patches. It’s just that Microsoft take longer to pass a patch through. The pc tends to get the patchs first actually.

      • Yeah. Kinda a poor joke. PS3 got the last patch earlier than 360. It’s just Dice made a big deal of it.

  7. Out of the box with MW3 it has it all. Plug in and go. Can’t argue with Sony on this.

  8. To be honest I’ve stopped caring which console is “better”.

    I use my PS3 for exclusives and blu-ray films whereas I use my 360 for third party games or anything I intend to play online (much much much more reliable networking services).

    Both consoles are entirely affordable so there is no real excuse not to own both these days. Easy.

    • On topic, nice bundle and probably the one I’d pick if I was shopping for a PS3.

  9. have to agree the PS3 is on fire the old argument of network makes me laugh these days I have had both there no different except one wants £40 to use it.

  10. Great idea, but as others have said, far too late.

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