Torchlight 2 Beta Begins

It seems the beta for action-RPG sequel Torchlight 2 has begun. Announced by Runic Games community manager BrianW on the dev’s forums, the beta is currently in the hands of a small amount of people and will be released in waves to other participants.

You want in, don’t you? Well, BrianW says to sign up for a Runic account and opt-in to receiving emails from them. It’s not a sure thing by any means but it’s the best bet if you want access.


Torchlight 2 is the sequel to the rather popular Torchlight, which released in 2009 on Windows. It has since been ported to OSx, released through Steam and even released onto the Xbox 360 via XBLA. It’s a good game. Whether or not the sequel can stand up to the long-awaited behemoth that is Diablo 3 (which releases on Tuesday) is up in the air, though.

You can pre-purchase Torchlight 2 via Steam right now and get the first game for free. The sequel is expected to release this summer.

Source: Runic Games Forums



  1. It looks really good the only problems I have with it is the Art style. Its the main reason im choosing Diablo 3 over it.

  2. Signed up, hope I get in, Torchlight 1 was brilliant.

    • Amazingly enough, I actually managed to get in – just got the email. If it’s a multiplayer beta let me know if you get in and we can try it out.

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