James Gallagher Leaves EU PlayStation Blog

James Gallagher is leaving the role of Blog Manager over at the EU site to “have a go at some opportunities elsewhere.”

In his final message, James says that he is proud to have “helped create a social platform that isn’t about individuals”, and one that attempted to bring “PlayStation customers closer to the professionals who make the games they love.”


In some respects, he and the rest of the team has been largely successful, especially with regards to getting the content out there in an informal yet corporate manner – but there was always a nagging feeling that the community opinions went somewhat unanswered, even if they were seemingly the same ones repeated week in, week out.

It sounds like they’re trying to find the right person for the job right away, regardless, although in the meantime some “contributing editors” will “steer the ship.”

We wish James all the best in whatever he does next.



  1. :(

    James was the chap who believed in our little PR stunt for Velocity all those moons ago – the one with the 16 part puzzle. To support an unknown developer with a good idea was refreshing.

    Hopefully his successor will be as open minded…

    • I think James got as much right as he possibly could whilst being hamstrung by others. I think that’s fair.

  2. Good luck to him.

    However, the whole blog needs a complete shake up, in my opinion. Nearly every weekly content post is voted down and the comments section is rife with people asking valid questions that get systemically ignored. Typos, grammar mistakes, pricing snafus, promising updates that never materialise, getting uppity with legitimately irate customers who have been ignored over and over again … I’m all for engaging with your community but, right now, the blog is doing a woeful job at it, in my opinion, and have been for some time.

  3. the blog is rubbish. Its old content thats already available elsewhere, and when the gamers ask questions, all they get is a blank answer.

    Personally I feel they might as well get rid of it. I stopped reading it a long time ago.

    • it’s a corporate newsfeed though, what else can you realistically expect?

      would be a different story if tsa were the official blog…

      • If it was TSA doing it, then it would be brilliant.

      • I thought TSA was the official blog!

      • TSA should be.

        What happened to ThreeSpeech (I think)? That place led me to TSA and it always seemed decent enough.

      • Big companies just don’t get social media. They’d be better off just posting news articles than having the blog and simply ignoring any comments that are too tricky to answer, all they’re doing right now is creating a bigger disconnection with their customers.

      • I’m only guessing here but I’d be surprised if there weren’t a mountain of corporate bureaucracy to wade through and four different people, two of whom know nothing about games, who had to approve each post the official Blog makes.

        Would be much better if they allowed it to have its own personality and accepted that people don’t want something that tightly controlled and monitored – they want approachable, informative and friendly. A chat rather than a press release.

      • The SCEE social media agency isn’t really all that, IMO. The @playstationeu account only started actually replying to people after my kick up the arse – http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2012/02/13/is-the-ps-vitas-marketing-really-on-target/ – and is still woeful.

        The Blog’s inbreeding with OPM is another big no-no, they basically shun anything that’s not official as if it doesn’t exist, so sites like TSA are left out in the cold all the time.

        Three Speech at least linked to us now and again, but the Blog is terrible for this.

      • All of this is why I think they’d be better of dropping a blog and just having a ‘news’ site comprised of press releases – internally, they’re clearly not geared up for social media and it’s painful to watch – the Disgaea 3 incident of a couple of weeks ago springs to mind, when it looked like the game had been completely forgotten – when they finally did confim it was coming out, it was a single line on page 7 of the blog comments…..

      • Or if someone from TSA had applied for the job.. tum te tum..

  4. Bilbo you think every thing is rubbish so no suprise there, you can’t please everyone all of the time.

    • I think you might be right there :)

  5. I saw Sony were looking for a new community manager a couple of weeks ago – I briefly considered applying as I do that sort of thing now for another company, but decided against it after thinking about all the times it looked like the community guys had been left hanging by whoever controls the information flow – seems like a massively frustrating and unsatisfying job.

    • Yeah i saw that as well so sort of figured out James was leaving but i think he’s done a good job personally.

      • It seemed that way to me too, like he was doing the best he could with one hand tied behind his back. Not surprised he’s moved in, can’t be much fun working in communications when you’re not allowed to communicate half the stuff you know about.

  6. I might go for that job – It’s just a case of ignoring people & constantly getting things wrong, right? :P

  7. Is The Lone Steven still looking for a job? This could be perfect.

    • I’ll just be lazy and ignore people. So i would end up being SCEE’s employee of the month. :p

      • you’ll be running the company in six months. O_O

      • I would turn the company around and actually deliever decent service.*is informed that SCEE has just taken a restraining order out on him* As well as trying to use the company to take over the world.

  8. i think it’s fair to say i’ve butted heads with the staff on the blog on a few occasions, including James.
    but i wish him the best for the future, he never seemed like one of the arseholes types from scee, not like that two faced twat mb.

    anyway, i can’t imagine staff turnover this high is normal, there has to be something wrong over there.

    • I remember you from the SCEEEA campaign =] Always like a good head butt!

      As colossalblue mentioned, I bet this job is very frustrating for the reasons he mentioned.

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