XBLA Exclusive Trials Evolution The “#1 Title By Sales” In April

NPD, the consumer market research group, doesn’t report on digital sales of games, something that’s making their sales figures ever more hard to follow as digital downloads become ever more popular with consumers.

Tonight, Twisted Pixel’s Dan Teasdale has added weight to this, saying that a digital download game was the biggest selling title last month.


“Found some numbers for April retail sales,” he said on Twitter. “It’s pretty mind-blowing, but not for the reason you think. If these numbers are valid, then in April, Trials Evolution was the #1 title by sales. Yes, even including retail.”

“If you’re wondering why the NPD is irrelevant,” he added, “that’s why.”

I’m reasonably confident Minecraft on 360 will be the same this month…



  1. Sales tracking is “irrelevant” to everyone besides what usually appears to be console fanboys, and of course, corporate bosses. No matter how much a company pushes sales statistics, they’re meaningless to me unless the game is actually good.

    • I like to know if a game that deserved good sales got them or not. They’re never irrelevant as I also want to hear the opposite.

  2. What, they even beat Angry Birds? Now that really IS something! ;)

    • Sold!
      Angry Birds was just downloaded, who knows how many of those copies were the free version.

      Also bring this game to PSN plz!

  3. “I’m reasonably confident Minecraft on 360 will be the same this month…”

    April was a very weak month for retail games.
    May however even with minecraft has Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3 against it.

    But digital/retail sales need to be combined somehow,

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