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Rumour: Next Xbox To Be Called “Xbox 8”, Or “Infinity”

Despite this rumour first surfacing back in February, the same site has re-issued the rumour as part of another article, so they at least seem pretty confident.

It’s all a little bit lost in the noise, but it appears that ThisIsXbox are going on record to say that the next Xbox will be called “Xbox 8”, according to “an employee for a well known combined Publisher and Developer.”

The source says that the “8” is due to fitting in with Windows 8 and – of course – it being the 8th generation of consoles.

Apparently a version of Battlefield was shown on development hardware behind closed doors at CES this year, and it’s on par with modern PCs.

The same stories also mention Loop and Infinity, both – they believe – to be linked to services within the new Xbox, with Infinity being a replacement name for Live. Loop is apparently something to do with backwards compatibility.

Of course, a sideways ‘8’ looks close enough to an infinity symbol…

We’ll see soon enough.


  1. That’s gonna make naming the XBox that follows the infinity tricky, unless they call that the rapture or apocalypse. Plenty of time for marketing to puzzle over that one.

    • Infinity +1

      • Mathematically speaking, no different from infinity?

      • Yeah, but it wins playground arguements

  2. prefer the real number which is xbox 3.

  3. Not Terry?

  4. I wonder if calling it infinity will mean you could upgrade the ram graphics ect as years go on to allow it to keep up with PCs. And when playing newer games on older consoles graphics fps ect get toned down similar to PCs?

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