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Rumour: Next Xbox To Be Called “Xbox 8”, Or “Infinity”

Despite this rumour first surfacing back in February, the same site has re-issued the rumour as part of another article, so they at least seem pretty confident.

It’s all a little bit lost in the noise, but it appears that ThisIsXbox are going on record to say that the next Xbox will be called “Xbox 8”, according to “an employee for a well known combined Publisher and Developer.”

The source says that the “8” is due to fitting in with Windows 8 and – of course – it being the 8th generation of consoles.

Apparently a version of Battlefield was shown on development hardware behind closed doors at CES this year, and it’s on par with modern PCs.

The same stories also mention Loop and Infinity, both – they believe – to be linked to services within the new Xbox, with Infinity being a replacement name for Live. Loop is apparently something to do with backwards compatibility.

Of course, a sideways ‘8’ looks close enough to an infinity symbol…

We’ll see soon enough.


  1. That’s fine but where do you go after infinity?
    I’m looking forward to seeing what get’s revealed at E3, if anything.

    • Buzz Lightyear can help with that: “To infinity and beyond!” :P

      • If it ends up being called Xbox Infinity (either the console or the online service), I demand Sony name their counterpart (either the console or online) Playstation Beyond.
        If only so we can complete the quote.

  2. Well I know the PC is bound to be miles better or whatever but at least consoles would still make hi-end gaming a bit accessible for the user. We’re not so excited because simply its age, if I was like 9 or 12 I’d be excited but well.. this time its :/ can Littlebigplanet get full 3D platforming no? then get on to it. Only reason for next gen is for that and Beyond Good & Evil 2.

    Regarding Xbox, I’d probably not be satisfied with its games again. Just Nintendo and SOny for me it is imo.

  3. call it bob and flumox everybody. ^_^

    anyway, i don’t care what they call it, i care about the games and the features, not to mention the reliability.

    i can tell you one thing for certain.
    i will not be buying one at launch.

  4. ‘Infinity’ sounds pretty cool, not too sure about ‘8’ though.

  5. Xbox ‘Terry’ FTW!

  6. Why Xbox 8? It comes off as a half arsed and very generic sounding name.

    Plus, if it does use windows, then prepare to shout at it whenever the mandatory updates start to install when you just want to turn the fecker off.

    Personally, i don’t care about the leap in graphics from this generation to next as long as the game is good and has a solid plot.

    Hmm, i can see BT suing MS over the use of the word infinity due to them using it. :-/

    • How is 8 any more half arsed than PS4?

      Why would BT sue them? Trademarks only apply to things in the same area as far as I know, there’d be little brand confusion between a broadband service and a console.

      • because it is the fourth console PS4 makes complete sense.

  7. Nothing to do with 8 being double that of the (PS)4 …

    • Was thinking exactly that. They called it the 360 because they wanted 3 in the name, didn’t want people thinking it lagged behind the PS3 (or that’s the story I’ve heard anyway).

  8. does this mean Sony won’t be calling the next playstation the PS4? cos if they use 4 it will look like their hardware is less advanced…

    i can’t really think of witty name for the next playstation though…

    • I read that it’s not really certain the next Playstation will be called PS4 due to a superstition in Japan. Apparently their “4” is the equivalent to our “13” and is avoided if possible (e.g. no 4th floor in hospitals)

      • There was a Gran Turismo 4, Tekken 4, Final Fantasy 4 etc and they’re Japanese games. If anything GT4 and T4 were amazing!
        I think Sony will call it PlayStation 4, hopefully not a word like Vita.

      • it’ll almost certainly be called ps4 in europe and the us though.

      • I have heard this, panasonic jumped went from 3 based names straight to 5 based names for their TV’s

        According to my Japanese teacher (from years ago) its because it and 9, I think, are pronounced similarly to the word for death… But then as pointed out there have been 4 based game names, so maybe Sony laughs in the face of such things (and as a result is posting massive losses…)

  9. Lucky that the 8th console gen ties in with Windows 8, I don’t mind it.

    Think Loop is a good brand for backwards compatibility… wonder how much the next PlayStation will lose out by not having BC if it does go down the PC architecture route, rather than a Cell on steroids.

    Think Sony will go for PlayStation “name” route anyway.

    • You just reminded me, wasn’t there a rumour about the name Orbis for the next Playstation?… and Orbis Vita means “circle of life”… which makes the name Xbox8(infinity/loop) seem an odd, if slight coincidence.

  10. The latter is better…

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