Doctor Who Dated For PS3 & Vita

BBC Worldwide has posted the release dates for the new PlayStation Doctor Who game, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock.

It will arrive on the PSN next Wednesday, 23rd May, with the boxed version materialising onto shelves on Friday 25th May.


The PS Vita version will arrive on the PSN three weeks later on June 13th, the delay is due to timey wimey stuff.


Source: Press Release



  1. Anyone else expecting this to suck Dalek balls?

    • What, the ones that cover the lower part of their body? Mmmmmm…

    • I agree, the trailers don’t look very good, but if it’s a cheap PSN game then I might get it if it’s not destroyed by reviews.

  2. Can’t believe its finally got a release date!
    I’m going to wait for some reviews, i think it may just suprise us.

  3. Is that four months from yesterday, tomorrow or a parallel four months?

  4. I might get the Vita version if it’s cheaper than the PS3 version, otherwise I probably won’t bother, even though it does look fun.

  5. In one timeline, this is already out.
    It sucked.

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