Kingdom Hearts 3D Has a Lengthy New Trailer in English

Kingdom Hearts 3D is due out at the end of July in western markets. This trailer is the first chance to hear the English language dub of the original, something that fans will be eager to digest.

Be warned, this trailer is nine and a half minutes long. A trailer that’s almost ten minutes is unheard of but there’s some nice, if a little familiar, music and they do some pretty effects with the extra screen space not taken up with the 3DS’ little screen rip.


So there you go. Ten minutes of spiky hair surrounded by a pulsating disco wall.

Source: YouTube



  1. Why can’t they just stretch it or use a 3DS frame like the PSV ads? The game looks pretty (Olivia Wilde in leather helps).

  2. i still haven’t even finished the first one.
    i couldn’t figure out that bloody alice in wonderland level.

    for a series that seems to be aimed at kids, it does seem to have a bloody complicated plot.

  3. good to see the world ends with you in there!

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