This is Your Halo 4 Cover Art, Probably

AllGamesBeta don’t ever bother to source anything, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to check the provenence of some images they throw up on their website. They seem to often have a lot of images nice and early though so it’s worth taking note when they put up an image of the artwork they claim is for Halo 4.

It certainly looks like some Halo cover art to me, although it probably needs some ratings and a big ol’ Xbox Live logo plastered over it before it’s really familiar.


Halo 4 is out later this year and I can’t wait to tell Kris he’s not allowed to review it. There’s no reason, yet, I’ll have to make on up. I just like teasing Kris.

Halo 4 Cover Art

Source: AGB (see how this works?)



  1. It’s fine, I’ll just write a review, print it out and stick it to my laptop screen. It’ll be exactly the same.

  2. That looks awesome. I was worried it would be the generic shot of a soldier facing forwards like MW2, MW3, BF3, Infamous etc.

    • or facing backwards like Crysis 2

  3. Nice and epic. Approves.

  4. It took me a while to realize that it’s two ships being “eaten” by the big light. One is a covenant, the other human (Pillar of Autumn-style). So a third spacefaring foe has basically been confirmed. And it’s ships are huge. Forerunners maybe, or could it be the flood?

    • It looks, to me, like a Forerunner Dyson-sphere type object, something that’s been introduced into the novels recently.

      Also the human ship is the Forward Unto Dawn, the ship the Master Chief and Cortana were stranded on.

      • Shield Worlds! That’s what I meant. They’re called Shield Worlds.

      • So the ‘Dyson-Sphere’ – Is that the successor to the ‘Dyson-Ball’?

        God, they just keep innovating don’t they?

    • Yeah, I think it looks Forerunnerish aswell.

  5. I suspect Kris will bring down TSA and blackmail you into allowing him into reviewing it Peter. ;)

    It screams that something big has gone down and only the Chief can save the day. It looks excellent and imo, surpasses many action film posters as well as several games. :)

  6. It’ll be titled ‘Halo 4: Master Chief vs Unicron’ by the looks of it.

    • Holy crap, I thought Unicron too :D

      • I thought Independence Day aliens…

  7. No one noticed that his armour has changed since the announcement last year?

    It looks cool but there’s a lot going on for a front cover. maybe a symbol of what the game will be like.

    • I noticed his armor change since they uploaded to internet Chief armor screenshots

    • I believe the Thursday War novel is going to explain this. It looks like it’s probably MJOLNIR Mk. VII armour though, which is modular and explains shit like jetpacks.

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