“Battlefield: Bad Company 3” And “Mirror’s Edge 2” Leaked Via LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to provide at least tentative news of still unannounced games with startling regularity. The latest: Battlefield: Bad Company 3 and Mirrors Edge 2, both from EA, both not officially announced.


And both presumably under development at DICE.

Gamerzines is reporting that one profile mentions his role included proving “video game prototype, design and demo feedback on various AAA titles” which included “Battlefield: Bad Company 3” and other unannounced titles.

Two more mention Mirrors Edge 2 – one providing “new gadgets and interactive features” into the game, and the other says he worked on “the wandering of crowd system within Unreal 3 engine.”

Neither is concrete information that said games are coming, of course.

Via GamerZines.



  1. “today i am happy man!”
    *small bulge (albeit wonkey) in pants !
    bc 3 and mirrors edge 2 oh please please !

    • “*small bulge (albeit wonkey) in pants !”
      Hmm, not good.

    • And that’s just put me off my lunch.*makes his lunch just so he can throw it out the window in a dramatic way*

  2. I like the idea though. I predict that we’ll see Bad Company 3 before Battlefield 4.

  3. Mirror’s Edge 2! Yay!

    Would be the best announcement possible at E3 for me.
    The only way it could be made even better is if the announcement contains the words ‘Vita version.’

    And include multiplayer rooftop racing this time! Could have so much potential, and as EA are fond of adding multiplayer, they might as well do so here…

    • It would be a good excuse to shoehorn an online pass in.

      • And then custom servers that we have to pay for. (LOL – topical!)

    • That would be amazing! Vita and multiplayer.

      Ahh, we can hope.

      • It has to be more open and outdoorsy, less linear with far fewer indoor ventilation shafts.

      • Definitely.

  4. I wonder whether I should spice up my LinkedIn profile, it’s got too much about all my acting roles and many major films I have starred in.

  5. \o/ I hope they won’t turn ME2 into a FPS that allows you to run as we don’t need Faith to go in shooting everyone in sight.

    Hang on, didn’t EA say that Mirror’s Edge 2 wouldn’t be profitable?

    I hope BC3 will be a sequel to BC1 as BC2 has a massive plot hole regarding the gold. What the hell happened to it? Did they get arrested and had it confiscated? Or did Haggard get drunk and blow it up?

    I hope they will go for the more light hearted approach this time as BC2 was a bit too serious.

    • Yes, yes, yes, yes, probably. In my opinion, Bad company 1+2 > Battlefield 3

  6. Ageed want soo much

  7. “the wandering of crowd system within unreal 3 engine”

    why wouldn’t they make it on frostbite 2?

    • my toughts exactly

    • Good point, maybe this was from a while ago?

  8. I just thought that site was spam crap. Anyway, good news for those buying EA games still. For me, I’m now boycotting them.

  9. I welcome BF:BC3. Good Times

    Didn’t spend longer than an hour on Mirror’s Edge. It’s on the rather large to do list. Might have to wait until retirement haha

  10. Bad Company 3. *triumphant dance*

    Hopefully it will be nothing like Battlefield 3.

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