Rumour: List Of Vehicles Found Within Max Payne 3 Points To GTA V

We can’t verify this for ourselves, but apparently the Max Payne 3 code contains – amongst other things – a list of what appears to be vehicles. Vehicles that many on dedicated GTA forums are speculating might actually belong to Rockstar’s upcoming third person title Grand Theft Auto V.


Of course, they might not, but it doesn’t take a massive leap to connect the dots.

We won’t host the file dump itself, but a quick check of those that have studied it suggests that there are nearly fifty cars listed in there, a handful of bikes, ten or so helicopter models, probably five planes (with some guesswork) and a good chunk of boats, trains and even a monorail.

From reading the forum linked below it looks like the list contains all kinds of information and technical data for each vehicle, including its name, type, wheel radius, even default dirt levels… Some of the vehicles even seem to carry weaponry, if the lists are to be believed.

The list, being in another game, almost certainly isn’t final even if it’s actually linked at all, but it does give some hope that the next GTA will have absolutely loads of vehicles. Apparently the same thing happened with Rockstar’s Bully.

In related news, our Max Payne 3 review went live yesterday. The game’s out on Friday here in the UK, and it’s rather splendid.

Source: GTAForums via NeoGAF.



  1. I don’t get it. Why would there be a list of cars in GTA V in the code for max Payne 3?

    • same engine, shared codebase, multiple dev teams?

    • They wanted people to find it :P

    • You know when someone spills coffee on your work? It’s like that, but with code, and now the MP3 code is all soggy and smells of GTA5.

    • A very cheap and brilliant PR stunt.

  2. is the blista compact there?

    that’s been my favourite car to drive since gta 3.

    it’s not the fastest, but i love the way it handles.

  3. I’m confuzzled.

  4. Is there a Hype Train?

    • There was a hype train but it got stolen and was used to crash into 5 cars at a level crossing.

  5. There is an entry for a Gunboat on it and a whaling boat, a cable car and a jet ski

  6. Not that bothered about GTA. Think im the only person that thinks this way though ha

  7. I wonder if planes will be flyable as i loved flying the Hydra in GTA:SA.

    I suspect the tradition ice cream van that has balls and a penis on top of it will be in GTA5.

    Either this is a cheap but effective stunt or someone got their code mixed up. Or it’s leftover code from the current version of GTA5 that has made it’s way into MP3.

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