ArmA II Sees Almost 500% Sales Bump Due to Zombies

ArmA II is a PC game. It’s a reasonably successful, very unforgiving, tactical PC FPS. But “reasonably successful” with those caveats is hardly going to have the boys at Treyarch looking over their shoulders, is it? Well now the Steam sales of that niche PC shooter have gone through the roof and it’s all because of zombies.


The recent DayZ mod for the game adds a splattering of zombie horror to the usually stony-faced seriousness of ArmA II and it is taking off with a whole new audience. Kotaku has posted an interview with Bohemia Interactive’s Marek Španěl in which he acknowledges the success of the mod and admits that since its skyrocketing popularity, the ArmA II devs are accommodating it into the next patch update of their game.

Bohemia Interactive has always tried to help community mod makers in many different ways and Day Z mod is no different. We’re more than happy to assist DayZ in any suitable way and considering the mod’s popularity we are committed to do some related work in the next Arma 2 update (1.61)

He goes on to further endorse the healthy modding community by saying that he “personally [finds] the combination of realistic Arma style gameplay and settings with survival zombie apocalypse so addictive that [he believes] it can stand as a gaming experience on its own.” So the modder might get brought into the fold.

This just shows that providing a healthy community and the right tools for modders to thrive can give a developer’s game plenty of variation and a little extra kick.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Yeah I got Arma 2 recently. I always wanted to play it and this mod got me finally making the plunge. well good.

  2. Ive been dying to play this, but I don’t have the expansion which you need for this mod, I’m hoping it goes on sale soon.

    • and I’ve been playing the ARMA II base game quite a bit lately as well, its quite good once you get your head around the controls and brutal realism. Need a good pc to run though.

  3. My freind who helps someone live stream this told me about it the other day. This just confirms its as awesome as it sounds then. The players Vs player stuff is as brutal as youd expect it to be ina zombie survival, with people attacking each other for their stuff at random, only on a map thats 25km across youl never find that guy again :/

  4. Ive been here very scarcely lately and this game is why.
    Its simply amazing, it even makes the half hour wait to get on a server bearable because of how brilliant the gameplay is and the stories that evolve purely by your interaction with other survivors/bandits.
    Get It. Get It Now.

  5. I hear theres one big bug with the bandits thing, if you kill a bandit in self defense you still lose humanity and become closer to becoming one.

  6. Day-Z is amazing! Best mod ever. Over on PC Gamer there was a very insightful interview with the creator of the mod well worth a look if you’re interested.

  7. If you have a decent PC that can run ARMA II and you love Zombies then do not not hesitate to buy this game!! Can not stress how amazing this game is, never in my 30+ years of gaming has a game had such a profound effect on me as DayZ!!

    Add me on Steam if you want to team up with me and some other guys : aphex187

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