Meet the Reader: Kamokazi-UK

So we’ve got your favourites, but I always like to ask people what their most embarrassing or worst title they’ve played is? Perhaps even something that you’ve enjoyed playing, but is mocked by many peers?

I tend to wipe my memory of them… Pokémon would probably be one I was mocked for, but I’ve always been a bit of a oddball, looking out for the underdog… Nothing else springs to mind.

I can respect that. Do you often find yourself going against the grain with your choice of title and genre?

Yeah, I do like my RPGs and people tend to not spend the time time to explore or actually read the story line, or just prefer their Calls of Duty [Yes, Calls of Duty, you read my editing correctly. This is happening. Spread the word. -Tef] and pay top dollar for 5 hrs or gameplay and go online. I’ve spend the same money on Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and got almost 100hrs out of each of them in SP, and I feel I had more fun.

And got the platinum.

Those are some big platinums to get! Are you a bit of a trophy hunter, or is it something you only go for if you’re really enjoying a game?

It depends on the trophy. I’m not very good online. I do mean to go back to get some like in the Uncharted series. Some games just suck me in and I just need to get them, again normally the RPG’s. I’m nearly there with Skyrim.

How much further have you got to go with Skyrim?

Not sure. Traded it in a while back, got some good credit to get the Vita. When the DLC starts to come out I may pick it up again. I’ve already finished the main story line and almost maxed out the levels.

Yeah, getting some more gameplay out of it later down the line is a good plan. Especially when you had a PS Vita in the offing! How have you found that system? Was it a launch day purchase?

All my PlayStations have been launch day. My poor bank balance. I think its a wonderful system… Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a fantastic launch title, and I loved the way the touch was integrated into the final sequence.

Haha. Have you queued up outside a shop?

I queued up for the PS3 and the Move/Killzone 3 offers at Game.

People actually queued up for Move and Killzone 3?!

Oh yeah. About 10 people at my local Game. Even picked up the Sharp Shooter.

Now that’s not something I expected. Have you had much use out of the Move?

Not so much now. Tumble sold me on the system, and I got two moves and a Navi. I loved Sports Champions too.

Didn’t use the Sharp Shooter as much, as it makes my arms ache to hold for long periods of time. I still play House of the Dead on and off as well as Dead Space Extraction, and I’ll blow the dust off when we get Wii, rail shooter Resident Evil games.



I just want it for the cat with the really long tail. Alright, we have spent long enough talking about games! How did you first come across TSA?

I think it was while I was stumbling around looking for trophy lists or help on some game… can’t quite remember. The mind goes when you get to my age, working permanent nights.

TSA actually got me mentioned on another site.

Oh really? When and where was this?

I sent in a tip about the Fallout 3 DLC prices to NoMutantsAllowed. I got quite pleased about that. I just posted the link from your site and got mentioned. Not much, but it got my name on another website and maybe got you some more views. I put it up there with my other claims to fame.

Haha, nice one. You pretty much followed the cliched path with coming for the trophies, and staying for articles, I’m presuming. Do you have any particular favourites from the repertoire of regular articles?

Well, I do like the general level of humour that hovers around most of the stuff that gets published.

I do miss the odd captions for pictures that you get when the mouse hovers over them.

They’re a lot of effort to do mouse overs.

The competitions are great too, I won Dead Island from you guys.

Ah, nice job. You have been around on TSA for quite some time, and been in the forums a bit. I reckon I might have seen you in a few meets too. Have there been many TSAers that you’ve really got on with in the time you’ve been around these parts?

Or do you just like us all?

Not been to meets unfortunately. Picked up a few friends while doing B-Spec on GT5.

Well, do you dislike us all, then? *sniff*

Don’t have a beef with anyone actually, they’re all a good bunch of people! I’d give you all a hug, but my arms aren’t that long.

Are you calling us fat? You should come to a GT5 meet some time. I’ll see if we can get KAMIKAZI-UK in there too, and that’ll be very nice and confusing.

Just lots of you… and my arms aren’t long.

You’ve got teensy little T-Rex arms?

Little stubby ones, like a T-Rex.

Ha! I beat you to your own joke! When you’re away from gaming and TSA, how do you spend your free time? You mentioned working nights, so I bet that interferes with your exploits and shenanigans.

It can do, but it pays a bit more, so I splurge when I go away. Normally I go to Bournemouth for a bit of staying in posh hotels. This year I went to Germany to see a band play I like, as they don’t come to the UK, and next year I’m hoping to go to the US for a few weeks.

The kind of holidays where I drop about a grand.

Sounds nice. Always got a big holiday to look forward to. Where in the US are you thinking of going?

They’re more spur of the moment things, normally. Vegas/Nevada the old UFO trail

UFOs and gambling.

And the pretty girls with three breasts.

Well, that goes without saying. Wait… Vegas or Mars? I may have misread you.

Who knows? I may get abducted by them.

The aliens, that is.

Breasts don’t really abduct people.


Hypnotise, maybe. I feel we’re winding down a little, so time to go out with a bang! If you know the people I’m talking about, then we can have the lovely awkward question we traditionally end with. Snog, Civil Partnership, Smother and Shark Attack the four podcast hosts Peter, Lewis, Kris and Kev?

Oh dear… I’ve not had the chance to get to know any of them… Can we do celebs instead?

Nicki Minaj?

Which one looks like Nathan Drake?

Kev’s the one that looks like Drake.

Well I’d do all four to him, in order. Less mess that way.

Haha. Quite an inventive choice.

A nice clean murder.

Right up until you dump him in the shark tank!

Well, the sharks would take care of that, I would hope. Just a quick water change and I’m sorted. No question on how I got the sharks.

You just head to the local aquarium with sharks, surely?

Oh yeah.

True. Well, it’s been lovely chatting with you today. Do you have any final words for the readers that made it this far? Oh, and anything to say to those that still haven’t figured out that you’re not KAMIKAZI-UK?

OK, first, Go be a little random and grab a game that you wouldn’t normally buy from your local store…

As far as I know, unless KAMIKAZI-UK  has had had that name for more than 20 years, I got there first playing Doom, all be it spelt wrong.

Haha. So he’s the one imitating you? Audacious.

And it’s goodbye from me and it’s goodbye from him.

Thanks again to Kamo for doing this interview. See you all next week.

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  1. A good read! Nice to meet you :)

  2. Kudos for having an AGP card, i only switched from AGP last year. :)

    • I’m probably gonn be sticking with this rig for another year or so before upgrading…hell is still runs Portal 2 and Half-Life.

      • Funny thing Half-Life is what i’m playing regardless. :)

  3. Also, editing an interviewee like that is mean.

    • Hmm?

      • I meant Calls of Duty.

      • Tef, I told you on Twitter yesterday- it’s “Call of Duty”s!
        Call of Duty is the title, so it’s one word!

      • Calls of Duty sounds better, though. :P

    • Nope, that’s how it went actually.

  4. Finally i get to know you! Nice to meet you Kamokazi-UK! PS: Xenozer

    • Ah…. one of my PSN Friends!

  5. I’ll do my best to miss it, thank you!

    • That was a reply to the now disappeared spam btw.

      To Kamo, nice to bump into another zimmer-jockey.

      • Kewl. 34 going on 18. Reliving my yoof now the tech can meet my expectations!

      • Still a young ‘un in my books! :)

  6. Sorry, but this guy isn’t doing a very good job impersonating me – he cant even spell my name right.

    I jest, it was a nice read and i also enjoy the odd knob gag (Bottom). You should definitely come along to a Monday night GT5 meet, it’s already confusing with Cam and myself, you’ll make even harder for us.

    • Haha, we used to have CarboyCam and Camdaz in the meets. So with two Kam’s and two Cam’s, it’d be a commentators nightmare! :P

      • Like commentating a Welsh Rugby match!
        “Jones passes to Jones, tackled by Jones…” :P

      • Indeed, also not forgetting the Davies and Evans boys :P

    • Don’t have GT5 any more..i’m kinda crap with racing Sim’s more of a Ridge Racer fan.

      • These guys play with traction control and most other aids turned off, you’d swear that you were doing a Ridge Racer fastlap slide in some of those shuffle cars lol

  7. How rude. The Amstrad was, is and will always be a truly revolutionary and epic piece of gaming and computing history.

    Well it was better than hitting rocks with sticks. On every other weekday. If it was raining. ;)

    • I wish I still had the CPC 464 i had that xmas, trouble was..the frequency that Channel 5 did use screwed it up. Now we’ve gone digital it probably would have worked

      • That’s interesting. I had no idea it suffered from such an affliction. In truth, it was the machine which spawned my gaming interest and holds a special place in my heart. It lives in my parents attic now alongside boxes full of games on cassette and still works! :)

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