Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Slips To 2013?

So you remember last year when everything that was announced for Q4 2011 suddenly upped sticks to Q1 the following year?


Amazon are now listing Metal Gear Rising Revengeance as February 28th 2013. That is a Thursday so seems like a placeholder date – who knows when the game will arrive. are not even speculating and their site simply says ‘Date to be confirmed.’

If you are looking for revengeance this year may we suggest you look somewhere else, may I suggest

Source: Amazon



  1. My first reaction reading the article, oh bugger another game being delayed to next year that I was looking forward too. My reaction after reading the comments, ermmm am I interested in the game now or not, may have to re look into this one and see if it is for me. Cheers nickboss, mickey, stevene C_S15 and sympo, I need to read up more about whats going on behind this game.

  2. i believe that the release date is somehow tied to “Agent”

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