Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Release Date Revealed

Namco Bandai has announced that brawler Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be landing in Europe on 14th September.

Pre-order details have also been released: Shopto.net are offering Michelle Chang and Angel DLC, whereas Zavvi will offer Kunimitsu and Ancient Ogre downloadable content.


In addition, retailer GAME is set to get an exclusive “We are Tekken” edition of the title. This version will feature a metal case with original soundtrack, additional music CD with remixes, a 200 page art book and a behind the scenes video from Harada and other special guests giving their best Tokyo tips.

If you wanted further elaboration about what a ‘Tokyo tip’ actually is, it seems as though you’re out of luck as there’s no further explanation. Check out the picture below for what’s in the box.

Source: Press Release



  1. Ugh September, what about August?

  2. Sweet, right on my 40th birthday.
    I really hate when they do retailer specific dlc though, and even worse, retailer specific special editions.

    • Agreed mate.

      *goes all misty-eyed*

      I remember a time where additional characters came from unlocking them by completing set objectives in a game (such as completing it for example).

      Now, it’s all about how many green queens you lay down & where you choose to place them, which shouldn’t even factor in any game, but especially not on a game like this.

      Also, does this have online (i would assume so, as everything does these days)? If so, your success may come down to nothing more than which retailer you preorder from rather than your individual skill, which is just wrong.

      Rant over (i’ll start up again around release no doubt!).

  3. Is it me or is the thumbnail implying something sexual about that character?

    But why only Game? As chances are not many people can access/trust Game due to the near destruction of them a few months back. Actually, hasn’t there already been a Tag Tournament 2?

    Looks like the average *insert name of* edition of a game. Wonder if our resident fighting expert will be reviewing it? Some say that he has yet to lose a single match in the entire genre and that he doesn’t use a controller, the controller uses him. All we know, he is called The Delraich.

    • Tekken Tag 2 Prologue was included in Tekken Hybrid (CGI movie & HD Tekken Tag).

      • Basically a glorified demo with trophies if i am honest though.

  4. Am I the only one who is feeling a little over fazed by beat em ups at the moment? Cant even muster any interest for this, even though I loved the original.

  5. Oh man why do I always want limited editions of fighting games?

    • To try and outdo the resident collector? Or to annoy Peter?

  6. Hmmm quite fancy that we are Tekken edition but annoyed the DLC is spread across the retailers. At least I know now when to book my September holiday :D Now I just need to see if F1 2012 pops out in that window too

  7. Hope the DLC is just costumes.
    I remember Katsuhiro Harada saying that he hates Character DLCS and that there won’t be any in Tekken tag 2. Hope he hasn’t forgoten it.

    • I hope so too, but that isn’t how it is described above – It makes out that the characters Michelle Chang, Angel, Kunimitsu & Ancient Ogre are not available to those that do not pre-order.

      However, it doesn’t specifically note whether it is the character or a costume for said character, so i hope you are right.

  8. Cool,yoshimitsu stage, tekken 3, what a tune….

  9. It’s about time that Tekken Tag 2 got a SD release.

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