Shootmania Storm E3 Announcement Trailer Releases

Ubisoft have released a pre-E3 announcement trailer for upcoming PC shooter Shootmania Storm ahead of E3. The trailer says it was made using only game tools, so it presumably is representative of how the game will look when it releases. It shows lots of high speed shooting, huge jumps and other various awesome things so it’s certainly looking promising.

Developed by Nadeo (the makers of Trackmania) and published by Ubisoft, the shooter is a fast-paced arcade-y affair that seems to be set up as a sport of the future. This is reinforced by this Shacknews preview of the game which says there is only one type of gun; a laser gun that ‘tags’ enemies and is projectile-based, so it requires leading your target.

It will also feature a built-in map editor and seemingly the ability to create your own modes.

The game will presumably have a presence at E3 considering the trailer is an “E3 2012 announcement trailer”, so we’re expecting more news then.

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  1. I’ll keep an eye out, although I don’t see this being on consoles. Loved Trackmania though

  2. Beautiful. Really admired their work on the Trackmania series. This has the potential to be huge.

    • I’m definitely very interested after that trailer.

  3. Wow that looked like crazy fun.

    Wait, how many players does this support? The was loads at the end.

    • I was told it was around 200 but I have no source for it. Trackmania apparently supports 200 and it’s on the same engine.

      • I was going to say the map looks huge so you’d need quite a few people to fill it.

      • Awesome. Unfortunately PC only i’m guessing.

      • It does seem to be PC only, yes.

      • i saw a video ages ago where somebody had put like a thousand cars or something on a trackmania track.

        i found the video.
        it was actually a thousand races recorded and displayed at once.
        so it’s more like a thousand ghost cars at once.

        still a bloody amazing video though, it’s like a flood of cars.

        and there are more videos like that if you look.

        i wouldn’t be surprised if we see something similar for this game sooner or later.

        that’d be something to see actually.

  4. There*

  5. Dress up like extras from Tron, run around an abandoned set from Skyrim and shoot each other with laser Nerf guns. Yeah, okay.

    P.S. Wasn’t it Ubisoft that had that ridiculous laser tag set at E3 a couple of years ago? Might we see that make a comeback?!

  6. if the gun is a laser, then it’s not projectile based surely.

    and will it have that securom crap like trackmania does?

    • Unknown, but Ubisoft seem to have backed down on the terrible DRM so I am cautiously optimistic.

      I thought the same thing about the laser, but that’s how it was explained [shrugs] Maybe it’s like a lightsaber in that it appears slowly?

      • well, most games that feature laser weapons have them travelling a lot slower than projectiles.

        but there’s a distinct difference between lasers and projectiles.

        actually the whole sentence confuses me.
        they say it’s a laser gun, but it fires projectiles.
        and they say it tags the target but you still had to lead the target.

        anyway, the trackmania games were fun, this could be fun too, though i’m not the biggest fan of these frantic competitive fps games.

        i’d love to see a console version of trackmania, with the level editor.

        there’s a wii version isn’t there?

        oh yeah, i think they need to work on the balance if a scenario like that bit at the end could occur. ^_^

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