Look, It’s Yakuza 5

So, Yakuza 5 was inevitable really. Sega’s heavy-hitting fan favourite looks like it’s going to keep on adding version numbers and expanding until the end of time. Or at least until sales slow down and Sega finds something else that people like just as much.

It’s been officially acknowledged an got its first images out into the wild via an official site. It looks like they’re going all out on the number “5” with that many main character profiled on the official site. It’s all in Japanese so I’ve no idea what the details are but some of the little pictures are nice.

There are some pictures of five locations too, including Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. No western release has been confirmed but the game will be on store shelves in Japan this December so we’d expect it to travel west sometime next year, as its most recent predecessors all did.

Source: Official Site


  1. Love me some Yakuza, great series.

  2. Never played one as I don’t have a PS3 but I would really like to play one.

  3. Never played any of the games. I’ve heared good things about it. Maybe I should give it a try.

    • Its a good time to. Might be at low prices now.

  4. Woo Yay. Love Yakuza.

  5. I remember playing yakuza 3 that game was a draaaaaaggggg looking after them little kids, it got good near the end til this day I ask myself how did I manage finish that game such a bore

    • huh? What..a bore? I hate you T-T

      • To be fair, i didn’t find the tasks at the orphanage all that engaging, but they were there to build the story & nothing else, so can be forgiven.

        Great game otherwise, just a bit too much to do if anything!

  6. Love the Yakuza series since I’ve heard of it, Yakuza 5 interestingly enough is a new engine and it seems that there are new roles for Kiryu has he’s a Taxi driver now and Haruka is a Idol or something now..

    As usual I’m really excited but its sad that it’ll end up being a long wait.

  7. Played Yakuza 3 and I loved it so this is now officially on my radar

  8. I didn’t realise that there was so much love for the series over here. I played the demo of 3 and thought it was awful. I remember thinking it just didn’t feel nice to play.

    • The demo doesn’t give the game much justice, the full experience is really deep. Story is excellent.

    • Yeah i was in the same boat, played the demo and the controls for the combat just turned me off it completely.

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