Everything You Need To Know About Sleeping Dogs

United Front’s open world Kung Fu shooter is looking really good. All of the pre-release hype seems to have been made to perfectly pitch it to me. But details on the game have been a little bit thin, live-action trailer was fantastic and the bits and pieces we’ve seen have been promising but I’ve wanted more.

Well, it seems like Square Enix have been tapping my phone. They’ve made a new trailer, sent over last night, which teaches us lots more about the game.


Sleeping Dogs is out on August 14th and 17th in the US and EU respectively. Hopefully there will be plenty of previews coming out of E3.

Source: YouTube



  1. Going to keep my distance from this one as I know its the sort of game I would enjoy. Can’t squeeze anymore games onto my “to buy in 2012” list lol.

    • My pile of shame isn’t getting any smaller, but this is one that i simply must have. Mainly because like you, it is right up my alley.

      For me, that means buy it no matter what or how much you have on the go at the time.

      • Haha, good logic :D I suppose now that Tomb Raider, Bioshock, DMC and Aliens have been pushed back to 2013 I have room for a couple of extra games this year lol

      • Indeed – It’s just 2013 that’s gonna see a hectic release schedule now! :D

  2. So, hardcore GTA. Great trailer!

  3. GTA Hong Kong? I’m in. Even if I already have far too many games to play.

  4. When I saw the “Let it lie” sub header I thought Uh Oh. Why? What’s wrong with it?

    Phew :)

    • I could make a meal of this comment, but perhaps we should let sleeping dogs lie…

      • Wahey! :)

      • I’m familiar with the expression but with TSA’s penchant for punny sub headings I just meant “let it lie” could be taken to mean “leave it alone because it looks like it’s going to be a turd”.

  5. Oh man this is my no 1 game for this year, it looks unbeliveable.

    Damn i need to find more money to get this and all the other top games coming out this year.

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