Sony To Launch eBooks For PS3 And Vita At E3

According to a report this morning on MCV, Sony are planning to spend some of their E3 press conference discussing a upcoming service called Storyteller, an eBook and interactive document system for both PS3 and PS Vita.

The service will appear on the PSN Store alongside Games and Movies, and will place Sony’s platforms in direct competition with the likes of Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad, both of which have hardware far more suited to the format.


SCEE declined to comment on the story.



  1. Since when did people read books on their TVs?

    • It’s like people at Sony are constantly being pressured to come up with new ideas to validate their positions/salaries, but they just don’t have any!

      • “It’s like people at Sony are constantly being pressured to come up with new ideas to validate their positions/salaries, but they just don’t have any!”

        What a dumb comment. As if that’s not the general goal, all the time, for videogame companies. The idea of ebooks for Vita makes total sense, it would be nothing more than a convenient add-on to all the apps. Nobody is hyping it to be a revolutionary move or something.

      • I think that they were actually referring to the PS3 as it goes, hence the initial use of the word ‘TVs’.

        Please try not to be so quick to judge. No-one mentioned Vita, presumably as the e-book thing makes sense on a handheld.

    • You know Sony make very fine e-readers right?

      PRS-T1 for example….

  2. I like this idea for Vita. Not so sure about PS3 but will be interesting to see how it works.

  3. Yeh, I think I’ll stick to my Kindle.

  4. Meh won’t release in Sweden anyway.

  5. Sony can’t have anything left for E3 surely? New PSP, New PS+, eBooks, GOW: Ascension, Battle Royale and Game streaming to name just a few of what is already out.

  6. i wonder if these will last longer then the comic store.

    • I think that this (and an eventual relaunched comic store) may-be accessible on Android devices and Ipads and Iphones and their E-Readers (it may be an extension of there already existing service, Qriosity spread eventually to all of these). One can dream for Cross-Platform play with books hey? Transferable bookmarks and the like? Actually now I don’t think Sony a clever enough to do that. :(

      • Also, in the US the PSN video store has been renamed ‘video unlimited’ and is accessible on multiple devices now (TVs android etc.) So there may still be hope.

  7. If they do a comic bok service that would be so sweet on the vita like they did with the psp

  8. Yes, I really needed another device to read ebooks on beside my Kindle, my tablet and my cell phone.
    Didn’t they shut down the comic book service?
    I can see the use of an LCD/OLED screen for comic books but regular text tires the eye too much compared to eInk. When will they (not just Sony) learn?

    • Yes they shut it down. Along with Qore, not that it was good when the main girl left.. Not sure if it was in Europe, but here in the USA that’s the case.

    • When will you learn? Sony already have an e-ink solution, and it’s not locked in like the Kindle is…

  9. lol. that is all.

  10. Reading on the Vita I can see the point in, but not on my PS3. Seems odd that they scrapped the comic store + reader not long ago and now introducing this.

    • But the comic team are apparently working on something… Hopefully a unified multi-device service.

    • I’d rather have a comic reader on my Vita, so I hope that’s what they’re cooking.

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