Hitman HD Collection On Its Way To PS3?

Looks like Hitman is the next much loved series to get an HD collection, if a leaked retailer listing is anything to go by.

The triple pack, spotted on the site of Italian retailer 16Games, is set to bring together Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman 3: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money into a single package.

According to the retailer, the HD collection is set to release on 15th October – a whole month before Hitman: Absolution arrives on 20th November.

Source: 16Games


  1. Hopefully:
    A) this turns out to be true
    B) it comes to Xbox360 as I really want this collection

  2. Looks like a decent price too.

  3. I’ve never played a hitman game, a friend of mine raves about them though. Looks like another missed gem I’ll be picking up if this comes to fruition.

  4. Wish I could play it when I had the chance, most was on the Onlive service but the billing stuff hates me now so no luck ever going back.

    Rather it be on Vita typical comment.

    • Everything should be on the vita especially if it’s HD remake

      • Of course it should be on Vita. I’m still gutted the Jak and Daxter Trilogy wasn’t put on it

  5. I hope they release them seperately on the PS Store like the Splinter Cell collection.

  6. Woooo finally a remake I’m really looking forward to :)

    • Ditto, these games have loads of replay value so well worth picking up the HD collection.

  7. I wish someone would do a ‘TimeSplitters HD Collection’ :-(

  8. Blood Money is one of my all time favorite games. I would play a level over and over and over just to find a all of the different ways to approach it. I already got my #1 wish for an HD re-release in Shadow of the Colossus but this is a close second. I’d buy the collection for Blood Money alone.

  9. Never got the chance to play any of the Hitman games, but was told they were good – Might just have to pick this up before the new one comes out.

  10. Instant buy if true.

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