Hitman HD Collection Trophies Appear

Three sets of PS3 trophies for the slightly forgotten about Hitman HD Collection have appeared, confirming not only that the game will launch on PlayStation 3, but also that it’s coming (reasonably) soon, at least to the PlayStation 3.

The three lists are over on Exophase, and consist of the ones for Blood Money, Contracts and Silent Assassin – they look like a decent spread.


The compilation appeared on a few online retailer sites some months back, but the game still hasn’t been officially confirmed by the developer or the publisher.



  1. \o/ . I didn’t know how to play Hitman in the way it was meant to be played and probably spent more time playing it as a shooter then assassain game back in the PS2 days so i would welcome a chance to play it on PS3 as i suspect i will enjoy it. I wonder if they will confirm it after the new Hitman game has been released or a month before?

  2. Didn’t even know there was a HD collection, I will deffo pick this up, I never got the chance to play it on ps2.

  3. Shame they’ve waited so long this gen to bring out the HD collection because i will probably just go for the new game first. Might pick up the HD ones somewhere down the line though.

  4. New game + HD collection would have made a great pre-order package, shame they didn’t sort that out.
    I’m sure I’ll end up getting the HD collection after I’ve finished Absolution.

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