Dance Central 3 Announced for Kinect

Hold on, you’ll have to give me a moment. My heart’s racing, this is shocking news. Shocking. Microsoft has just announced… wait for it, you won’t believe this… They’ve announced a third instalment of Harmonix’s Dance Central for Kinect. I know, it’s amazing, isn’t it?

Right, sarcastic cynicism aside, millions of people love this dancey stuff, including our very own Features Editor, Podcast Host and Step Up aficionado, Mr. Kristian Lipscombe. It’ll sell like hotcakes, for sure. But it was a weird distraction in the middle of a fairly solid, if dull, showing from Microsoft.


They got Usher out on stage to do a bit of a dance and have a sing. I don’t like Usher because I’m not an eight year old girl so I took the opportunity to nip to the toilet and relieve myself. When I returned, Usher was still leaping about like a lunatic. I had a proper man’s pee too, it’s not even like I was quick.

Anyway, there you go, new Dance Central game coming out for Kinect before Christmas. Usher loves it and so must you.



  1. That was pretty awkward when Usher came on stage and danced for about 4 mins.
    I was thinking “I’m sure I was watching E3…”.

    • The best part was when the audiance was not reacting he must of said ‘everybody stand up’ 3 times

  2. Usher’s dancing was great, which I guess is a good advert.
    But his singing was a dire, out of tune mess.

  3. Eh was he not supposed to play the game?

  4. Is it me or does it seem that Usher ripped off Justin Beiber? :O

    Plus if he was meant to do something for Dance Central 3, i think he forgot about it and thought it was a concert. If DC3 is at EG this year, i demand that the entire staff force kris to dance again. >:)

  5. The live stream i was watching effed up during this bit.. I honestly thought the internet had imploded due to millions of angry core gamers hammering “epic fail” into their keyboards while substituting every letter “s”with dollar signs…

    • But… there are no S’s in “epic fail”. :-S

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