Sony CEO On Vita, PS4 And That Press Conference

Speaking last week to MCV, SCEE’s Andrew House – the bloke that introduced us all to the delights of Wonderbook, thinks that the Vita was given a fair shot during Sony’s E3 press conference.

“We thought we gave Vita a good shout during the conference,” he said.

“There were two fantastic announcements which were designed to show that the platform can deliver very differentiated ‘only on Vita’ extensions of great console games. We demonstrated by highlighting things like YouTube, that there is commitment to give the range of network services, making sure that it has a multi-functional aspect.”

[videoyoutube]”And then I think there is another opportunity,” he continued, “a sort of third pillar to the strategy, which is how we can fully take advantage of a digitally connected device. To explore access to different kinds of content and new content models – starting with PSOne and leveraging the assets that we already have.”

House also confirmed that the company isn’t going to take a “re-look” at the Vita given its slow start. “We are in what is a very competitive space,” he said. “I think we need to put more emphasis on the kinds of experiences that define and differentiate Vita.”

The SCE CEO also stated that a fifth of PS Vita content is downloaded rather than bought at retail. That’s a much lower amount (20%) than we thought, a figure that doesn’t add a great deal to the current software chart performances.

And, finally, on PS4? “The right time to talk about new advances in hardware is when you can demonstrate a significant leap on the current experience, and something that is going to be attractive,” he said. “That remains our philosophy. Beyond that we have nothing to say at this point.”


  1. So easy to see why SCEE is so far behind SCEA when we have a tool like him as the CEO. He must have watched a different conference to what I did.

    • You must be joking!?!?! Kaz Harai has done good, and only good for Sony. He has made the Playstation division profitable, and looks like he may do that for the whole company. Of course he is going to be bias; but there’s no reason to call him a tool.

      • depends on what tool you refer to. Hammers can be quite useful when putting up nails.

      • TOOL ROCKS!!!!

      • He means Andrew House, not Kaz Hirai.

      • Oh, fair enough. As the article said CEO, I assumed he meant Kaz. Sorry Pitbullmern:)

      • Kaz Harai isn’t the CEO of SCEE though, he’s the CEO of Sony as a whole. Andrew House does suck though, I could do a better job than him.

      • The headline says SONY CEO in caps

  2. He’s not CEO? I thought he was a head of ‘move and marketing’ or something?

  3. What a load of old smoke and mirrors. His business jargon makes me cringe but his blinkered “the Vita was pushed well” attitude is hard to swallow. It was given low levels of love and the consumer feedback shows as much. Idiot.

    • Agreed. He just comes across as mindfully ignorant, which is a terrible attitude.

    • It’s like saying “the Vita is garbage and we know it”

      • Not that it would be true, by any means, of course

    • “We demonstrated by highlighting things like YouTube”

      Erm… When you say “things” (plural) you should probably highlight more than one thing (single). It comes across incredible weak in all honesty.

  4. As a PlayStation fan it worries me that they are relying on ps1 games to expand the range of content available. Any PS1 games i did have are not really ones i want to get back into, MGS1 taught me that (for as great a game it WAS), and how little i have actually missed backwards compatibility since moving up to a slim.

    Also on the PS4 it sounds like they dont have a clue as to when or even if they will be releasing it, just sounds like they are waiting to see what the competition does first – personally i am happy with the Ps3 experience and will be for a good few years time.

    • I’m with you on next gen but for me, I’m just not as excited about this next change. I’m quite content with this generation of consoles and games so it’s going to take some special and not gimmicky for me to change I think.

      On the VIta, it was so unloved that I though Sony may have forgotten about it. PS1 classics should already be out and not something they throw out at E3. There are a lot of titles coming out for the Vita but Sony didn’t really push anything except AC. Instead we got what felt like a 3 year demo of Wonderbook *shudders*

      • If I was in charge at Sony (and probably a good reason I am not) then if my customer had a PS3, bought a Vita, and subscribed to PS+ then I would let them have free, unlimited access to the PS1 & PS2 back catalogue.

        This would encourage early adopters, giving a much needed boost to both systems. They already have the games, and once they have been played to death, the owners would naturally look at the newer games available on PSN, increasing attachment rate.

      • All the best thoughts start with “If I was in charge at Sony”. :)

  5. Sorry but boasting that you’re putting youtube and ps1 games on vita is not that good. Those are things I expect tbh. I was surprised that youtube and ps1 games weren’t supported when it was launched.

  6. I sometimes think a job in Playstation marketing and PR would be a dream job… Then I read this and imagine the reality of working there must be terrible…

  7. Lately I’ve been buying a lot of Vita games digitally. Last I checked on Amazon they sold most games around the RRP, which is more than the PSN price. Got a new 16GB memory card for tomorrows PSN sale. Got it prettycheap since I’m currently in tbe USA, which saved me import fees and shipping.
    What I do not understand is Sony’s opinion about the Vita’s E3 conference performance. They knew people were expecting more, so why didn’t they show us more? That way they wouldn’t have to lie to themseves about it and gamers would have been happy. I guess there really isn’t that much to show, except stuff that we already know about, which kind of scares me…

    • There’s loads I’ve love to see on the Vita…the new HD Ratchet and Clank trilogy, LBP Karting (which will be PS3 only), pass and play games like Scrabble etc.

      As it is, I’m hammering ToM Blitz and Ridge Racer, looking at the same few games in my case as I had on launch day. They look lonely in there!

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