Rumour: New Prince Of Persia Being Demoed At E3

The best bit about E3 is the behind closed doors sessions, where developers and publishers let the media see normally hidden games and sections of games that the general populace doesn’t normally get to see. The second best thing? These things always leak.

Case in point: a new Prince of Persia, which is apparently being shown secretly to a select few journalists in LA just now.

Details are scarce, although we’ll try and get a proper look ourselves over the next couple of days – the new game (according to the rumours) isn’t connected with prior Prince’ games, might be more action packed, and it’s still at least a year and a half away.


  1. another reboot?

    jeez, they’ve already rebooted twice this generation.

    • Who said it’s going to be on this generation? There must be a reason its behind closed doors ;)

  2. Sod the action side of things. Get back to the pure platforming perfection of the sands of time. If you like PoP games the chances are its down to the platforming premise surely so don’t mess that up with a reboot. Action mechanics never were the strong point of the franchise.

    • going on what we’ve seen of this years e3 so far, they’ll probably have turned it into a cover based shooter. O_O

  3. A bit of a shame Ubi seem to have gone and forgotten about PoP 2008, I really enjoyed that game and would like to see what happened to Elika and the Prince.
    Seems not though.

  4. I love the Prince of Persia games, the game play has always been refreshing, so this is good news, but if they are detracting away from the free running, climbing side of the games and going for more action, I will be a little dissapointed.

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