Ubisoft Announces Watch Dogs

The Ubisoft conference is just coming to a close over in Los Angeles and it’s ending on an intriguing note. They’ve just unveiled Watch Dogs, a third person open world game set in a world where cities are controlled by computers, loaded with a huge operating system called ctOS, that regulate and track every aspect of urban living.

You play as Aiden Pierce, a paranoid but intelligent man with the ability to hack into people’s files and phones from an in-game smartphone and jam communications. It looks like a kind of Grand Theft Auto with a futuristic, cyberpunk vibe. Some of the presentational elements have quite an Assassin’s Creed look to them too. It’s looking beautiful and very refreshing to see a major game announcement made with live gameplay.


There were some great rain effects on show, amidst genuinely stunning visuals all round. A kind of bullet-time slowdown mechanic kicked in at one point too, further increasing the stylish visual spectacle.

It had nice seamless transition to another player too.

No platform was announced although, to look that good it must be running on an extremely well specced PC or on some very specifically designed hardware, at least…



  1. My current game of the show this year. It looks amazing. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Wow! This is gone be a big one, i can feel it.

  3. very impressed with it.

  4. Like this lots…

  5. It looked incredible! It was played with a PS3 controller, wasn’t it?

    • no, it was a 360 controller (bright coloured face buttons), wired. That probably means it was on a PC Dev rig. I doubt the PS3 or 360 could do that.

      • IGN just wrote that it was played on a PS3, but they could be wrong though. I don’t know where to watch it again to see the controller.

      • Was a black pad, but had coloured buttons… I thought PS3 pad initially, but the buttons would indicate X360 pad

        Those graphics aren’t possible on these consoles, so it’s PC or PC & next-gen

      • Thats a bit of a bold statement. Those graphics are doable on todays machines. No launch game for the next generation can look like that because it takes a loooong time for devs to code for it properly and to such a high standard. That deduction rules out ‘next gen’ hardware sp the only possible explanation is unnattainable pc specced to infinity or a very well coded for console game.

      • eh?

        Games can be in development for years, targeting some future spec… and then optimised for a particular spec/format ahead of its launch.

        There is no way an open world game, with a freely moveable camera could like that this gen, even if an optimised version is now running on this gen machines in some detail-scaled down format.

      • “No launch game for the next generation can look like that”
        The jump from high end PS2 graphics to a PS3 launch game like motorstorm is bigger than the jump from current generation graphics to the graphics in this new game.
        Its more then plausible that this is for next gen. But I bet the demo shown was running on a PC.

      • I was sure it was a ps3 controller when it was been demoed in Ubisofts press conf.

  6. Pretty sure he was playing on a PS3 controller. Doesn’t confirm it but gives a little nudge..

  7. i thought i saw he using the DualShock but… this is the best E3 gets this year. No one saw it coming and the game looks incredible!
    Ubisoft just won E3.

  8. Most exciting thing I’ve seen yet, still got a while to go but it’s a memorable moment knowing literally nothing about an amazing game until you see the gameplay. Rare even.

  9. This game looked awesome! Ubisoft nailed it this year.

  10. It was pretty fantastic and it trounced my dozenth call of what is gonna happen next by me saying there won’t be any shooting. I didn’t want there to be any shooting but it seems to be largely revolved around the hacking mechanic. I did have a sense of oooh really, hacking on a game? But the gameplay made me think twice.

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