The PS Vita Videos Sony Should Have Shown You This E3

Twenty minutes. That’s how long we suffered that terrible, boring book demo thing during Sony’s E3 press conference a day or two back. It was dull, badly paced and just a little bit broken, no matter which way you try to dress it up.

What should have been in its place? The poor PS Vita, practically abandoned during the 90 minutes save for a brief snippet of an Assassin’s Creed side-story, a confirmation of a PS3 port and a subtitle. Did I miss anything? Didn’t think so.

As far as I’m concerned, whoever made the decision to fill that most valuable slot the way it was might well have sentenced the Vita to an early bath – anyone on the fence about what the machine is capable of is probably filling Nintendo’s pockets instead.

But there are games on show at E3, at least away from the crowds. Fewer people will see them, naturally, but if you dig around a bit they’re there. And thanks to this guy on YouTube, those of us that couldn’t make it to the event can at least see what’s going on.

So let’s see.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale:

Foosball 2012

Jet Set Radio


Retro City Rampage

Sine Mora

Sly Cooper


Super Monkey Ball


Will any of these games make a huge difference to the PS Vita’s sales? Possibly, yes, and that’s why – in my opinion – they should have been shown off during the presser, when millions were watching. Millions of people that are keen to know what the Vita can do.

And millions that never got the chance.


  1. The mind boggles why they showed none of this!


  3. TBH, there’s not a lot there for me to re-affirm my faith that the Vita will live up to it’s potential, but it still would have been better to show some of that than what did get shown.

    Also, I’m terrified that as lovely as JSR looks, it’s going to feel awfully dated to play – anyone else thinking the same?

    • Pfft Dreamcast is never dated *leaves*

  4. No huge hitters shown here but when the market is concerned that too few games are coming surely it’s sensible to show what you do have lined up?

    Does this mean Sony don’t have faith in these titles? Does it also mean that there is precious little else lined up for the Vita. It all leaves me feeling ever more anxious about this potentially great device I now own.

  5. They should also have showed LBPVITA and Soul Sacrifice. And what happend to Killzone vita??

    • They so should. Do they have a Killzone for the Vita? deffo needs huge games.

  6. Snapshot looks decent, but I really have no idea why it doesn’t harness the touchscreen to take the snapshots, would be a great use of it.

    • Good news! Snapshot does support the touch screen. You can touch once to take a photo, and double tap to paste. In the final version we’ll also support using the rear touch screen to scroll around where you’re looking.


      • Give this man a blue header (and an interview!)

      • Thanks for clarifying, Dave! Sounds like a brilliant use of the Vita’s features.

  7. Sony, the masters of montages, without a Vita game montage? Hmm…

    And not even a single mention of Gravity Rush during the press conference neither. A unique game coming out for Vita next week with a current Metacritic average of 87 from 31 reviews. Surely that would also shift some Vita units if it had been given some show time…

    • What…wait.. next week? O…..O

    • Nothin’ beats a montage…. Montage!

  8. I wonder why they arent pushing the Vita? It could do so well if given a better chance.

  9. I love my vita, but needs moar PS3 crossplay though

    • Its moar RPG, I really want to see Ruin since its bound to be cross-play….erm it had a name change but it looked nice. Will be fun with four players

      • *Meant to type It also needs moar RPG

      • Give me demon or dark souls on it and this would shift vitas

  10. Looking forward to seeing more of that LBP2 cross platform DLC coming. But I hope Sony have learnt their lesson from E3 and put Vita at the forefront of their Gamescom presser and show off some new games and apps for the system

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