Our Most Wanted Games of 2024 – #20 to #16

Most Wanted 2024 Alone in the Dark, Space Marine 2

We’re heading fully into wish fulfilment with this latest set of Most Wanted games, with two of the five totally lacking any kind of release date announcement or indications. That, and that four of the five are all reviving series and games that are decades old! So, what games are we talking about?

20 – Jet Set Radio

After far too many years of waiting, Sega is finally giving fans what they want and rebooting a whole host of their cult classic franchises. Out of a crowd that includes Crazy Taxi, Golden Axe and others, we’re by far and away most excited for Jet Set Radio.

Details are really thin on the ground right now – we don’t have platforms or a release date right now – but there’s snippets of info. For one thing, some of the original team are returning, and it seems that this could be a shift to a fully open world, while retaining so much of the original cel shaded art style and cyber funk tone. It’s been over 20 years since the last Jet Set Radio (and this is heartbreakingly still not being remastered or released via back compatibility), and it’s amazing to have it coming back.

19 – Tekken 8

PS5, XSX|S, PC – 26th January 2024

Tekken 8 is so close that fighting game fans can practically taste it. After all, they’ve been able to play it very recently thanks to the Tekken 8 demo that was available through December.

It’s been a good long time since Tekken 7, and the team have made plenty changes to depths and nuances of the combat system. There’s a new heat system, a modified Rage Art system that uses common inputs, and a recover gauge that’s seemingly drawn from the Tekken Tag Tournament games. Of course, there’s also the use of Unreal Engine 5, which is allowing for some stunning visuals.

18 – Alone in the Dark

PS5, XSX|S, PC – 20th March 2024

Reviving one of the earliest survival horror games over 30 years on from its debut is a daunting task, effectively amounting to a full reinvention of the game given how far video games have advanced in terms of storytelling, visuals and gameplay in that time.

Alone in the Dark will allow you to play as Emily Hartwood (Jodie Comer) and Detective Edward Carnby (David Harbour) as they explore Derceto Manor and the surrounding setting in 1920s southern America. With hefty helpings of noir and Lovecraftian horror thrown in, horror fans will surely be curious to see how this one holds up.

17 – Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2

PS5, XSX|S, PC – 9th September 2024

Captain Titus returns after more than a decade in Space Marine 2, with the iconic Warhammer 40,000 super soldier now set to face off against the chitinous hordes of a full Tyranid invasion fleet.

Still a surprising sequel to have been put into development, this looks like a huge step forward from the solid, but not amazing third person shooter from 2011. However, there’s plenty of potential here, thanks in part to Saber Interactive’s experience with throwing vast hordes of enemies on screen with World War Z.

We got to go hands on with an early stretch of the game and came away suitably pleased. Read our full Space Marine 2 preview here.

16 – Silent Hill 2


Having made a name for themselves with their home grown psychological horror games Layers of Fear and Observer, Bloober Team has taken on the much bigger task of remaking one of the most acclaimed games in the genre.

Silent Hill 2 Remake Overlook

While no release date has been confirmed, there’s rumours and we’re hopeful that the game will be coming out in 2024. First announced in late 2022, we’re surely going to get a big update on the game’s development next year, and we’re keen to see how Bloober Team is modernising the PS2 classic. More contemporary character controls, greater depth to the graphics through the use of Unreal Engine 5, and hopefully a few updates and changes to bring something new to the story and how its told.

Do any of these games take your fancy? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for another five games!

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