What Are Nintendo Land’s Unannounced Games?

Nintendo Land on the Wii U will offer players a selection of twelve minigames seemingly all focused around popular Nintendo franchises.

Nintendo have said that they will only be showing five of those at E3.

In a question and answer session at E3 Nintendo have suggested that Nintendo Land may well be bundled with Wii U consoles.  “If you think of Wii U and Nintendo Land as having the same relationship as Wii Sports and Wii, the concept is kind of similar”, said Nintendo software producer Katsuya Eguchi.

“You may be able to imagine a scenario similar to that.”

What mingames might you be playing out of the box?  The five we know about are:

  • Luigi’s Ghost Mansion
  • Donkey Kong’s Crash Course
  • The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest
  • Animal Crossing: Sweet Day
  • Takamaru’s Ninja Castle

Which leaves another seven.  During the Nintendo All Access developer discussion that you can see here, while talking about Nintendo Land but not actually playing any of the games, a screen with twelve icons was displayed.

The Triforce, ghost, ninja star and girder are obviously games we know about.  Animal Crossing: Sweet Day could be the bitten fruit unless you have got a better match.  Mario’s hat is a giveaway for a Mario minigame of some description but that still leaves another six.

Please speculate in the comments below.  We would like to hear your serious and not so serious guesses about what the other six minigames might be.


  1. Obvious ones, to me, are Metroid with Samus’ helmet. Yoshi with the Green dotted one. And F-Zero with the ship, though it could be Starfox but looks more like the Blue Falcon than an Arwing.
    As for others the only thing I can think of is more Mario with the leaf, and maybe Mr Game&Watch with the face. Flower and Whirlwindy thing I have no idea.

    • Oh, whirlwindy thing looks more like a balloon on second thoughts, maybe Balloon Fight guy whose name escapes me.

    • I think the flower on the top row will be the animal crossing game.
      As heedbaw says, Metroid and Mario on top row. Middle row looks like the leaf that gives Mario his Tanooki suit, a Yoshi Egg and possibly an Octorok from Zelda. Bottom row, again as heedbaw says, F-Zero and possibly Balloon Fighter.

      • Hmmm, then again, after reading asparagus’ comment below, the leaf could well be Animal Crossing and perhaps the flower is Pikmin.

      • oh, oh, oh. Brain gone good after reading Octorock. Not Mr G&W or Octorock, but Octopus from the G&W, damn thing was waving from below the horizzon for a while till you said that.

      • Good call, I knew I recognized it. It definitely is the G&W Octopus. Does look quite similar to an Octorok though.

  2. I thought there press conference was going great until they showed this.

    • the concept is interesting but I feel it wasn’t really presented well.

      • I agree that it was interesting but I just thought it was a horrible way to end and they put too much emphasis on it.

        They start off great by appealing to the hardcore with great third party support (Arkham City, Mass Effect 3) and then a couple mario games as usual and then end it with a magical theme park that people are going to use once and forget about. Plus they went showed it off for ages and even dressed the stage up with props for it.

        Just made no sense to me.

  3. The leaf with a ‘bite’ in is exactly the same shape as the furniture icon in Animal Crossing so I’d bet my rent to Tom Nook that it’s the icon for it.

  4. I thought it was Nintendo’s answer to Home first, then i got the impression it’s more like Welcome Park on the Vita, little games designed to teach you how to use all the Wii U/GamePad features.

  5. The ship thingy is defiantly F-Zero something that might look amazing on a Wii U actually, *fingers crossed for a full game later in the life of the U, could be a great racer.

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