Wii U Developer Interviews Show Off The New GamePad

Developer support for Nintendo’s new Wii U will be absolutely key to its success.  We know Ubisoft are on-board in a big way as are a host of other studios and publishers to a seemingly, so far at least, lesser degree.

While the big three all now have dual-screen setups for their consoles the key difference for Wii U developers is that they know that every Wii U console with have an accompanying GamePad.  That’s an important factor for them to consider when allocating development resource to secondary screen features.

It is likely that there could be a trickle-down effect in that once dual screen features have been developed for the Wii U and it becomes simply a porting exercise to include them on other platforms they may start appearing.  The key factor in that though will be how effectively the PS3 and 360 can stream a second channel of video data to an accompanying handheld when they were not, as far as we know, developed with that in mind.

While games like SingStar have been doing similar things with for years with the PSP and its remote song queuing interface, not that Sony shouts enough about its technology, that is hardly an example of a game where the two video streams must be synchronised and input processed as lag-free as possible.

From a consumer perspective when it comes to third party cross-platform titles from those developers the main point of interest is how will the Wii U version be better or different.  To show some of the features that third party developers are using the GamePad for Nintendo have put together some ‘developer interviews’.

They are really just short marketing videos but they do show some of the things we will be using the GamePad for.  Take a look.

Darksiders II: Death Lives

Assassin’s Creed III

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition

That is some of the consumer education taken care of so now turn your thoughts again to the developers themselves.  Faced with a new piece of technology it can be difficult to think of new ways to use it.  Part of Nintendo’s solution, that also will help ‘train’ new Wii U owners in the same way as the PS Vita’s Welcome Park, is Nintendoland.

Superficially a collection of 12 minigames it brings together all that’s new about the Wii U from the new GamePad controller to integration with Miiverse.  Beyond Nintendoland, Miiverse also has implications for what will be possible within games as a Nintendo console finally has much better integration with the outside world.

Part of their developer education strategy is presentations and discussions.  An editted highlight reel of one of those sessions at E3 has been made available as part of Nintendo’s All Access series.  We have already hunted it down to save you the trouble.

How are your own thoughts on the Wii U developing during E3?  Seen anything particularly convincing that might sway your purchasing decision yet?


  1. Nothing that interest me.. Well Pikmin is one game I guess that looks pretty cool(but with underwhelming graphics). Guess Nintendo is not for me. Will probably stick with the ps/xbox combo next generation again.

    • You really thought Pikmin 3’s graphics were underwhelming? Why? I thought they looked great and at least the equal of anything similar seen on 360 and PS3.

      • It reminded me of the first time i saw LBP.. and the thought struck me that some of Ninty’s classic games are going to look fantastic with a HD remake.

  2. going to wait for the next gen it needed to blow me away at E3 nothing did.

  3. I’m really impressed with the Wii U controllers capabilities. Awesome bit of kit, certainly puts it aside from the competition. I could definately be tempted by the console set up with the right support and of course price!
    Not too sure about those Devs in the Blind Date line up though!

  4. Seems like everything the Wii-U could do, the PS3 and PS Vita combo is also setup to do.

    Even the Wii-U’s hardware capabilities date from 2006 too.

    In short, if you buy a Wii-U, you are jumping into a timemachine back to 2006, May as well buy a Vita, use it in tandem with the PS3 and it will be set to go with the PS4 too…

    • If the Wii U is the same as the PS3 and PS Vita combination, it’s a 2011/12 machine not a 2006 one. And in 2006 there’s no way equivalent processing power could be packaged into a console the size of the Wii U.

      And if the PS3/Vita is capable of the same real-time asymmetrical gaming the Wii U’s GamePad makes possible why aren’t we seeing it? Why has nobody tried it on the PSP?

      • Nobody tried it on the PSP because Nintendo/Apple/Microsoft(delete as appropriate) didn’t tell them to……

      • Surely the LBP2 DLC they announced at E3 is the same as the WiiU pad? Vita as a controller with the Vita display offering a different perspective for that gamer? or have I just misunderstood what they were trying to explain (they weren’t clear)

  5. Still feels really gimmicky to me unfortunately. It’s basically just a big DS set up and it’ll be nice but it’s nothing ground breaking or anything that would make the Wii U version of a game more playable/unplayable than on any other platform really. Not to mention the price of the things. Normal controllers can cost a bundle… how much is a virtual handheld console gonna cost?

  6. Really like it!

  7. I’m actually very interested in the Wii U now,price will be key.I believe their right in saying it’s all about whats in the pack you buy,it’s why the wii has worked where move and kinect have faltered imo.Personally i don’t care much for Microsoft and Sonys media focus either.

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