Peter Molyneux Announces ‘Curiosity’ – Has £50,000 DLC

Peter Molyneux has announced his studio’s – 22Cans – first project, which is called Curiosity, and is the first of 22 experiments that 22Cans is launching,

Curiosity puts players in a room where the only other object is a black cube. The aim of the game is to break the cube down and find what it contains. It sounds simple enough, but Curiosity will revolve around social networking and interaction. There is only one cube, which every single player will be breaking down, as as time goes on fractures will appear on the cube which shows areas where players are breaking it down.


Before the cube is broken, stage 2 of the experiment will launch. 22Cans will make available some DLC, which will consist of different chisels. An iron chisel will cost 59p and will be 10 times as powerful as the basic chisel. There’s also the diamond chisel, which will cost £50,000 and only one will be available.

“It’s an insane amount of money. This is not a money-making exercise; it is a test about the psychology of monetisation.” said Molyneux.

Molyneux suggests that Curiosity is more a social experiment than a game. The diamond chisel could be bought by an individual or a group of players who want to have the greatest chance at breaking the cube. However, only one player will swing the final blow that breaks the cube and will discover what is contained within.

That player will then have to spread the news of their discovery, and the response will be measured by 22Cans, to see how quickly news of the discovery spreads.

The results from these 22 experiments will help shape the studio’s first full title, expected to release in 2014.

Source: New Scientist.



  1. If this was really just an experiment with no money-making goals behind it, the one of a kind chisel would be randomly allocated to a single player who can choose what to do with it.

    Anyone dropping 50k on that chisel would be wise to remain anonymous imo.

  2. a social experiment?

    into what?
    how gullible people are?

    • i’m serious.

      there’s no game here.
      not unless you buy the dlc.
      and there’s nothing there if you do either come to think about it.
      you buy a bit of dlc and click the box to see if you’ve broken it.

      if this is a genuine experiment, it’s just to see how far they can push the whole dlc thing.
      maybe those years at ms have gotten to him.

      if this is just to make money, it’s a stupid way of going about it.

      if molyneux launched a kickstarter project i have no doubt he’d get way more money, he’s still got plenty of fans who’d be willing to donate to help him get a game made without any publisher interference.

  3. *sees the price of the diamond DLC and prepares for this* HOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLYYYY SHEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTT! Even EA wouldn’t charge that much for it. ;)

    The only question i have is why? Who on earth is going to blow 50grand on a virtual chisel?
    Actually, don’t answer that otherwise we will end up with a massive list of footballers and celebs.

    Molyneux, how about you create a brand new IP that shows something that has yet to be seen in the gaming industry and not waste studio funding on a social experiment as i’m sure that this won’t get them any cash and may even cause them to go broke as a studio that releases nothing that makes any profit usually closes down. Sure the DLC may make a bit of cash but still, you would get more back if you created a game. Even certain Japanese developers are not this crazy and they can be effing bonkers!

  4. Milo’s at the center of the cube with an epitaph that says ‘plays better with Kinect’ on his corpse.

  5. Do i want to spend money on scratching a cube that isn’t mine alone and someone else could beat it while i rest? No. End of experiment.

  6. I must stop ranting, but tell me how this couldn’t be a social experiment WITHOUT charging people money?

    • You’re right actually Brill,i guess it’s a social experiment already.If you remove the monetary aspect you’d gain more input (players?) surely,but you’d lose most if not all ongoing free promotional interest (magazines,tv,net etc).As self promotion seems to have been mr.Molyneuxs primary concern since Theme Hospital thats somewhere i’m sure we won’t be seeing this ‘project’ go.

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