Watch Dogs Will Release On PS3, Xbox 360 & PC

Ubisoft’s Dominic Guay has spoken to Joystiq and confirmed that Watch Dogs will come to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, though no release date has been revealed.

The title, which was announced at Ubisoft’s E3 and demoed on a PC, follows Aidan Pearce in an American society where cities are run on ctOS, which controls most of the technology and holds information on all the residents. If you somehow missed the impressive gameplay trailer, watch it below.

Source: Joystiq 



  1. Hell, might have to upgrade my PC for this. Gonna have to start an elaborate, Ocean 11 style heist to get the money for it though.

    • I’m going to go with an Italian Job dealie to get the gold bars needed to upgrade my GPU. This game looks very promising, always good to see a new IP amongst the sea of sequels.

    • It would make a great story if everyone at TSA banded together for a run of heist based on great films. Personally I’m pulling off a Thomas Crown Affair Style bank job for the upgrades.

    • And I’ll be going for the ‘Super Mario’ style…

      • I’ll be taking the modern day classic approach & go Heat style.

      • ^ rather excessive lol, but damn this game looks good.

  2. Looking forward to trying this out on my PC but I doubt the release date will be this year.

  3. Excellent, looks like a great new IP for Ubisoft and i can’t wait to play it.

  4. Definitely the best thing to come out of E3, really looking forward to it.

  5. At 6:41 it appears the traffic for the crash comes out of thin air.

  6. Game of the show. Easily.

  7. Really want this on PC… But PS3 Bf3 compared reasonably well to the Bf3 PC that hogged all the trailers in the run-up to its release, so if the engine is customised & optimised enough it may well fare well.

    • I hope your right, the BF3 example is quite logical & probable.

      I dont want a console GTA4.5. Saying that GTAV looks vastly superior to IV, again being showed on a PC.
      GTAIV on console, bared no resemblance to that of the PC version, even pre-mod.

      I wish they made trailers for each specific platform, saying here is what your getting for your chosen platform purchase, if not by transparency, by law.

      Its like going to buy a car, here’s the trailer for the 5 series we want you to buy Sir, only to get home after purchase & realise it’s nothing like what was advertised & actually a 4 series. (probably a terrible example lol, but you get my meaning.)

  8. Highly doubtful this will be out anywhere before Xmas 2013. I won’t be surprised if it’s not also a launch title for the Nextbox too, assuming it comes out round the same time. Either way I’m really looking forward to seeing more.

  9. wow! it’s coming out to PS3=) that is nice!
    gonna buy this day one fo sho!!! =D

  10. Well it certainly runs well on PC, may be some time before we see any console footage. The game did look fantastic though, I am very interested.

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