Competition Winners Announced

We’ve had a fair few competitions lately on TSA which means there are quite a few winners to announce. I’ve had a few questions sent to me about who won what so I’ll also recap on a couple of the competition winners that were recently announced that you might have missed.

DiRT Showdown

First up we have the DiRT Showdown Competition. This Competition gave you the chance to win copies of the game on Xbox 360 along with sweatbands, can coolers and messenger bags. The winners were announced in last weeks community round-up (where you can often find competition winners announced) and they were:

  • Philzy85
  • Heedbaw
  • Helixo

The prizes should be on there way to all three if they haven’t arrived already!

Sniper Elite

Next up we had a shoot-out to win a copy of Sniper Elite on PS3. The winner managed to name all of the games found through the sniper scopes bagging himself the prize. The winner was announced on Wednesday but in case you missed it, it was:

  • Origami Killer

Zowie Gaming Gear

Now we reach the competitions that haven’t had the winners announced yet. This competition was partnered with Overclockers UK and had two gaming keyboards and three gaming mice up for grabs with the winners being:

  • Katherine Harrap (mouse)
  • Ben Walters (mouse)
  • Scott Wilson (mouse)
  • Li Young (keyboard)
  • Harry Dyer (keyboard)

You should all have received an email from the Overclockers UK community manager regarding your prizes.

Max Payne Comp

Finally we have the Max Payne 3 competition where you could win one of five strategy guides for the game. The winners for this competition were:

  • Yogdog
  • Walker D
  • Adevow
  • Baggyg
  • 94jdh

We’re still waiting for 94jdh to reply to the email providing their address so if you’re reading this 94jdh, check your emails!

That’s it for now, you keep an eye out for any more competitions and community events on TSA by using the “Competitions” and “Community” pages.



  1. you’ve spelled my name wrong again. ^_^

    yeah, it’s the same joke i did last time.
    but i happen to like it.

    congrats to the winners.

    and the guy who calls himself the origami killer is getting a game about being a sniper?
    should we be worried? O_O

    • Very worried ;)

      Thanks again TSA.

      • Don’t worry, i’ll keep him in check, NOW GET BACK TO YOUR OFFICE AND DO SOME MOD STUFF! :) *sees that OK has legged it back to his office* :p

    • Paper bullets don’t hurt.

      • they bloody well do if they are folded enough times and shot from an elastic band!!

      • Damn he knows my plan!

  2. Well done winners, some great prizes there, don’t recognise anyones username from the Zowie Gaming Gear comp though, must be real names used. ;)

  3. Congratulations to all. nice prizes there!

  4. Thanks guys – Looking forward to my guide.

  5. Congrats to the many winners.

  6. Congrats to everyone, except you OK, damm your luck of the welsh. Seems like i’ll have to resume kidnapping welsh members in order to try and win despite not entering. :P

    Can we stick to using TSA username whenever a winner round up is done as it’s a bit confusing? Or put their username in brackets next to it.

    • I think thats your catch “despite not entering” :P

    • I’m welsh, and chuffed to bits I won DiRT :D

      • Why did you have to add yourself to my kidnapping list? I’m running out of black bags and rope! :p

  7. Sent details, thanks for the prompt would have missed it otherwise!! cheers again.

  8. Missed all of these :O Will try and keep my eyes open in future -.O

  9. Congrats all. Some brilliant competitions there!

  10. congratulations to the winners! and i see that my angel has won a mouse!! A special congrats to u OK! ;)

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