Mojang’s ‘Scrolls’ Trailer & Website Now Live

Mojang has released a trailer and launched the website for its next game, Scrolls, with information about the gameplay. Mojang has described Scrolls as a game which “aims to take the genre of Collectible Card Games to a whole new level.”


The aim of the game is to destroy 3 out of 5 opposition idols, which are located at opposite end of the board to your own idols. This done with the help of Scrolls, which summon different units to attack enemy units and their idols. Units include fighters, siege weapons, spells, creatures and other items.

In a blog post Mojang’s Jakob Porser has revealed that a closed Alpha of Scrolls will be going live soon, and will contain single player matches, multiplayer matches and the Deck Builder as well as the Scrolls that are currently finished, numbering over 100. Once Alpha tests are complete the open Beta of Scrolls will be made available. which will include the single player world to explore.

The final release of Scrolls will include all of the above features plus an Auction House to trade scrolls, character customisation, items and quests.




  1. Hey, that game name sounds familiar to something else.

    • It definitely, legally, doesn’t sound anything like the word scrolls.

    • Lets just say when I clicked on this I didn’t expect it to be about a card game!?!

    • i think that other one’s called Ancient Scrolls, or something like that.

      • I think it’s the Older Scrolls, surely that’s allowed?

  2. I’m more excited for the new game that Notch announced, but Scrolls should be nice if right.

  3. It’s time to duel!

  4. is this a new elder scrolls game?

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