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Watch Dogs Viral Marketing Promo Sends Email List Via CC, Not BCC

Yesterday the viral marketing site for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs issued another update on the game’s ARG-esque backstory, but it seems that somebody at the publishers (or the agency responsible for the campaign) got a bit mixed up between CC TO and BCC in the email headers.

What happened? Email distribution lists went out with subscriber’s email addresses in plain sight rather than being, well, blind, which meant that now you know who else is keeping an eye on the game. And chances are someone will start doing “reply alls”…

It’s all so very meta, although we don’t think it happened to everyone on the list, it looks like the mistake was spotted before it got all the way through the alphabet.

Image: Kotaku.


  1. The email thread is currently 61 messages long.
    I also now have an 8 message thread because some dick wanted to promote his tumblr.
    Not impressed.

    • Similar thing happened with some indie PR thing last year, and the list was of a similar site. Idiots replying to all for weeks afterwards spamming their crap.

  2. “DOH!”

  3. The name’s Demarco… Joe Demarco….
    better watch your step son or i’ll gut you..

  4. Luckily they sorted it before they got to my letter (K).

  5. If we’re to assume this isn’t just a cock-up it makes you wonder why they put marketing people in charge of IT decisions, frankly I’d see it as a breach of my privacy if I had my email address banded about the world by a computer game marketing message.

    • Not doubt someone will take it upon themselves to sue them.

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