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Looks Like GTA V Will Be Heading To Gamescom


Hard to know whether this is anything approaching reality or not, but a LinkedIn profile appears to state that Grand Theft Auto V will be present at Gamescom this year.

Picked up on NeoGAF, the profile suggests that the German show will play host to a number of big name titles including GTA V and a previously unknown update to the quirky Table Tennis game.

Other games mentioned include Black Ops 2, Warfighter, Need for Speed Most Wanted.

However, a number of typos and irregularities point to this being an elaborate fake, or at the least a game fan’s ideal expo listing – despite the brief nod to GTA in the official Gamescom trailer above.

We’ll see soon enough.

Update: predictably, a spokesperson for Gamescom has denied the report, claiming they don’t know the individual in question.


  1. I think everything has to give a brief nod to GTA these days doesn’t it? One of the most commonly associated things to do with gaming at the moment i think.

    Mainly because its usually in the papers for all the wrong reasons, but still…

  2. I really don’t mind if its at any game shows or not this year and I don’t think it really does matter. GTA is such a big name. They could show us a trailer saying its coming out next week and they’s still have everyone watering at the mouth. If it were a new IP by Rockstar then I’d be really excited to see it getting showed off but I love GTA and respect Rockstar enough to know it’ll be amazing when it comes out anyway.

  3. I think they should deliberately try to make the most infuriating pre-pre-trailer teaser that shows nothing and says nothing just to see how the gaming press and fans react

    • What, like someone mooning the camera & it saing GT on one cheek & then a big ‘V’ on the other?? That’d do it.

  4. Not going to fall to the hype and hate of GTA IV like the last time so I’m hoping GTA V is 10x better any of the GTA games if I ignore any news of it.

  5. I’m actually looking forward to this GamesCom (at first I didn’t), but then the PS3 Super-Slim rumours, and now this (along with many other major things), this GamesCom looks big. :-)
    And hopefully it lives up to its expectations (more like my expectations, aha!)

  6. I didn’t mind GTA IV (the music was fantastic and it even had Ruslana aka Xena Eurovision winner as the DJ on Radio Vladivostok- I loved it like I loved all the GTA games – even Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories

    What other game allows you to use whores to restore health then run them over to get your money back??!!! And even though you could call a cab when you got drunk – the way the game messed with you when you didn’t and you drove instead^^

    and who can forget the radio ads

    I love GTA …please hurry up and come already o.O

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