Project Copernicus (Amalur MMO) Trailer Hits The Web

Following the high-profile closure of 38 Studios and Big Huge Games, we weren’t expecting to see much of the team’s sadly-canned MMO, Project Copernicus; not even the odd bit of demo footage or scrapped concepts.

It came as a surprise then, when yesterday saw the emergence of an official trailer (via Kotaku), planned to accompany the announcement or launch of the Amalur MMO. Aside from an over-arching story centred around an oncoming threat of cosmic proportions it’s fair to say that very little of what is shown in the trailer comes across as original.


Sure, we have a gorgeous art style and a number of original races (including the hulking Jottun) though it’s hard to imagine where Copernicus would fit in the MMO hall of fame. 38 Studios didn’t exactly go to town on explaining how the game would actually play out, leaving most to assume that it was your conventional affair. At a time where the future of subscription-based MMOs is shaky, design teams are being forced to attempt new approaches, whether in terms of business model or how their games are actually structured.

That’s not to say Copernicus couldn’t have been successful. An untold amount of passion went into this game and who knows, this could have been a real shot in the arm for the ever-staling genre template.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Gutted about this.
    Loved Reckoning and was really looking forward to see how this might turn out.

  2. Aww man :( that trailer looked good

  3. It’s a damn shame the studios had to close down. I really liked KoA:R.

    • Same here absolutely loving Reckoning at the mo. I’m about 50 hrs into it and have hardly touched the main quest line. Don’t want it to end!

  4. I really loved Kingdom of Amalur it was a really fun game sad there won’t be anything more.

    When it first came out I had thought it was the one by the Oblivion lead guy – as I think I still have the teaser trailer for it that was on the 360 a few years ago. I would like to play that game.

    Chances are if the game had come out I wouldn’t have played it if it was for the PC, as my machine is ancient. There are many mmo’s on the Japanese psn, really wish there were more on the European one (besides Free Realms & DC Universe)

  5. Picked up Amalur recently, tis decent.
    Would have translated fantastically well to MMORPG.
    Real shame for Big Huge.

    • Just watched the trailer – nice diverse range of environments.
      Real shame.

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