God of War Movie Has New Writers

The God of War Movie project continues, despite persistent rumours that Brett Ratner is about to sever links with the production. Today’s news, reported by The Hollywood Reporter, is that there’s a new writing team on board.

Patrick Melton and Ryan Dunstan are apparently on board. The duo co-wrote four of the Saw movies (IV, V, VI and 3D – not the good ones) as well as the masterpiece of modern cinema writing that was Piranha 3DD. So expect gore, boobs and terrible dialogue then.


The duo are, apparently, doing some currently uncredited work writing on Guillermo del Torro’s upcoming movie, Pacific Rim.

I might be judging too early and I’m certainly no expert but this does not seem like good news to me. In this writing duo’s thirteen movie history, there isn’t any indication of an ability to make God of War into an interesting film. It looks like another movie adaptation embarrassment waiting to happen.

Source: Hollywood Reporter



  1. They should get the guys who made Troy or 300 in to do it. Those two films have the feel that they could make a good GOW film

    • Yeah, they need Zack Snyder as director. I hope this film never comes to fruitition.

  2. How on earth can you fuck up God Of War?(sorry for the swear) It’s about one very angry man’s revenge against the god of olympus. You can’t mess that up! It’s going to be terrible i bet and if Uwe Boll gets involved, the GODS OF HOLLYWOOD WILL FEEL MY VENGANCE! *GOW theme plays*

    If they set GOW in modern day and have all of the gods in the games be drug lords/pimps etc.. i wouldn’t be surprised. Actually, let the Japanese do it as battles against gods are what the excel at.

    • Just had a terrible thought, GOW:the movie could end up as Torture porn! *grabs the mindbleach and throws it in the bin then orders the industrial strength mindbleach*

  3. Even the idea of a God of War film sounds terrible to me. These were games all about the gameplay, not the story.

  4. This is how my experience of this article went
    * “Ok cool! Interesting”
    * Google Melton and Dunstan”
    * Click Wikipedia
    * Read Filmography
    * Shake head in a mixture of disappointment & apathy
    * return to write this comment

  5. “So expect gore, boobs and terrible dialogue then”

    That basically says ‘God Of War’ to me, so perhaps the choice was an inspired one!

  6. “So expect gore, boobs and terrible dialogue then.”

    Is there more to the GoW franchise? They might actually be the right guys for the job… ;D

    • Yes. A gamer getting sore hands then ragequiting due to cocking up a QTE.

      • I think the boobs aspect could also lead to sore hands but he would then quit the movie calm and relaxed… >_>

      • Would give another reason why his skin is white ;) and i apologise if i’ve just put everyone off their lunches. I’ll be in the naughty room if you need me. *goes to the Naughty room*

    • Ok, that’s actually quite freaky – We said practically the same thing at practically the same time! :O

      Great minds & all that i suppose… :)

      • Didn’t see that until you mentioned it. Funny! :D

    • Nope that’s all that is needed for a GoW film but i would still prefer Zack Snyder to direct and Dominic Purcell to play Kratos

  7. What a coincidink? I just went on Saw: The Ride yesterday at Thorpe Park, haha.

  8. It may not be all bad. Peter Jackson made Bad Taste and Brain Dead before he went on to Lord of the Rings and Lovely Bones, and the first two of those have gone on to become cult classics (“I kick arse in the name of the lord!”)

    That said. I will not be holding my breath.

    • IMO;

      Bad Taste & Brain Dead > LOTR & Lovely Bones

      Bad Taste is a great first effort on an extremely limited budget, but Brain Dead is a brillaintly hilarious horror comedy with one of the goriest endings ever seen on film.

      • Bad Taste, probably the most appropriate movie title ever.

        fantastic film, but god damn there’s some bits that make me feel sick.

        the vomit bowl scene for instance.
        i’ve seen a video where it showed how they did that scene, but even after seeing that, i can barely stomach watching that scene.

        it apparently took something like two or three years to make Bad Taste, all shot on this little wind up camera that didn’t even have a viewfinder.

        you know, if you only knew Jackson’s early work, you might worry about his sanity. ^_^

      • “Mmmm – Aren’t I lucky, I got a chunky bit!”


  9. A God Of War movie needs writers?

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