Aquaman Helms DCUO Summer Event

Somewhat unappreciated by those who aren’t avid comic hounds, Aquaman and his brother Ocean Master will be the central focus of DC Universe Online’s summer event, dubbed “Tides of War”.

Heroes and villains can assist their sub-aquatic superhuman allies by taking part in the game’s latest open world missions. Staged between Metropolis and Little Bohemia, players can take to the seas and bring down enemy ships belonging to either Aquaman or Ocean Master, gaining XP and “Sand Dollars” along the way.


These can be exchange for seasonal goods including costumes pieces, trinkets, pets, and other bits of equipment. If anything like last year’s Christmas event, you’ll want to check out what the seasonal vendors have to offer; some of those goods can have a neat little impact on your stats. The new costume parts don’t look too bad either.

Lastly, Sony Online Entertainment have announced a new Alert, the Atlantean Warpost. For those who don’t know, Alerts are 4-man instances (or dungeons) made up of numerous objectives, often ending in a climactic boss battle. Surprisingly, this newest Alert will be accessible to anyone level five or over, making it the easiest of the bunch. Let’s hope SOE have plans for a harder version which endgame players can wade through.

Source: DC Universe Online



  1. I’m yet to get the game installed onto my PS3, it takes forever.
    But all these DCUO announcments are keeping up the hype for me. :)

    • To cut down on waiting times, you can always grab a copy of the disc.

      • It’s not free though. D;
        I’m only trying it out because it’s free, aha.
        If I like it I’ll probably get membership then.

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