F1 Race Stars Will Have The Option To Turn Off Power Ups, Classic Drivers A Possibility

[videoyoutube]Hopefully you’ll have read our full preview of Codemasters’ upcoming F1 Race Stars from this morning – if you haven’t, please do so – there’s loads of info in there, basically everything you need to know.

Well, not quite. Since our preview we’ve learnt a couple of new tidbits about the game which we thought it might be worth sharing – especially if you’re already looking forward to it.


Firstly, it’s a full disk-based release, not a downloadable title like some were rumouring. That doesn’t automatically rule out a PSN version at some point as we’ve seen with Plus, but for now this is a retail release.

Classic old school drivers? It’s possible they might be on the cards, or are at least being considered, with Codemasters’ community head HeliosCM saying they are “something we’d love to include at some point in the future” – is this a hint at DLC?

It’s also going to be possible – at least at the moment – to race without weapons. “The plan at the moments is to allow players to customise which power-ups are available during races,” said the same representative, “going all the way to turning them all off if they want.”

And other versions? Well, there’s a possibility there might be a Wii U version – we’ve read that it’s probably just a matter of timing before an announcement is made for Nintendo’s new machine, as you might expect. When, rather than if, although I’m personally looking out for a Vita release.

Of course, all this might well be subject to change and none of this is has come from any of the official Codemasters channels directly, but it’s hopeful that this game, when it releases in November, is going to be something very special, and these nuggets just amplify that.



  1. Online split screen would be nice.

  2. Online modes in games are usually customisable but if the power-up removal applies to the main game too that’ll suit me fine!

    • That’ll suit me fine too.
      Now off to read the preview.

  3. I’ll admit this is looking fun, but it’s going to be head to head with Little Big Karting on PS3, maybe slightly different audiences but with a lot of crossover.
    Anyway, what about Grid2 Codies??

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