WeView Verdict: F1 Race Stars

Oh dear Codemasters, it really does seem like you missed the mark with Race Stars. It really does seem like there’s a lot of potential in an F1 themed karting game, but it doesn’t look like Race Stars was the game to unlock it. Even those who got the game free from PlayStation Plus weren’t impressed by what was on offer – that’s really got to sting.

For example Tuffcub was one of those who picked it up as part of Plus, leading to complaints that “Karts seem to float above the track and the handling is awful.” philbert8 also got the game from Plus, but found it “Soooo dull,” taking issue with “really annoying weapons and stupidly long tracks”.

parryman, also part of the game’s significant PlayStation Plus following, was a little more positive. They felt that “As a pick-up-and-play quick blast game it is mildly entertaining,” but fell short when played in longer blocks. Ultimately they felt it was only worth picking up if you already had Plus and that “You may enjoy it for a few minutes at a time, but long term investment in it is unlikely.”

One of the more interesting comments this week came from Paulo Vinicius Radtke, who wanted to share both his opinion and that of his son. I think that father son team up is a first for WeView, so I’m certainly going to indulge him. His own view is that the “game is dry,” and that it doesn’t stack up against contemporaries like LittleBigPlanet Karting. He also felt that “it lacks any distinct features to make it stand out,” which is an issue for pretty much any game.

His son, however, was much more impressed by the game. Mini Paulo, as I shall call him, “fell in love with F1 Race Stars after playing the demo” and was quick to force the full sized Paulo out to their nearest EB Games to pick it up from the store’s bargain bin. Apparently “The colourful graphics and funny character depictions” were enough to hold Mini Paulo’s attention, and perhaps it could even serve as a path into enjoying full blown F1.

It’s not just small children who liked the game though, joeybamboo felt it was fun too. They’re a fan of F1 in general, and found enough in this game to really enjoy it. Although they pointed out that it’s “not the most original game ever” they still thought it was “better than mod nation which, to be honest, was a total let down.”

Finally we turn to Airiaen and aycizzle. While either enjoyed the game all that much, they both agreed on a recommendation for those of you craving karting – Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. aycizzle also chipped in a few other ideas, like Blur and LittleBigPlanet Karting, but I think Sonic may be the title to pick up if you want a recent karting game.

I think by now you’ve probably worked out the community’s verdict for the game. Although it did pick up a single vote for Buy It, that option was never really going to be in the picture. Bargain Bin It and Rent It had a stronger showing, gaining five votes each, but it was Avoid It that came out on top, earning ten votes. It seems that the game really isn’t worth playing, even if it comes from PlayStation Plus.

Now onto the poll. Tomorrow will see God of War take the WeView limelight, while Ninja Gaiden 3 came in last place and is eliminated from the poll. With BioShock Infinite just around the corner I think it’s only fair that BioShock 2 gets a shot at being selected for WeView, while this week’s praise for the game earns Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed a spot. Remember, you’ve got until the end of Sunday to get your votes in.



  1. Haven’t really played enough of it yet but it’s certainly lacking in several areas. I now have Sonic Racing transformed on the Vita (rented) and that’s not much better.

  2. Sorry? Better than Modnation??? Grrr worst comparison ever! :( MNR wipes the floor with this! (& LBP:K too)

  3. To be frank, i was quite surprised that the reception was so negative – I hadn’t had the title long enough when the weview appeared to give a balanced review, so didn’t, but i wouldn’t say it’s as bad as is made out here.

    Yes, it is frustrating in parts (very frustrating at times). Yes, the tracks could do with being a tad shorter. Yes, it is strange to have a karting type game with no drifting mechanic. Does that make it utterly awful? Not really.

    I have put a few hours into it now (mainly in shortish blasts of a couple of hours at a time) & i have had a relatively decent time with it. I am over halfway in the career & found that apart from the odd trophy, the most awkward bits are the pure racing tournaments as the damage is always set to fragile & the AI will go out of their way to bash into you so you have no choice but to pit, losing you precious seconds & places on the grid.

    Would i recommend anyone actually buying it? Hell no. Do i regret getting it free on plus? Certainly not.

    • Oh & it definitely could have done with an option to use a custom soundtrack too – The music is pretty awful.

  4. I think it’s the worst game Codies have made since…… cannot think of one of their games I’ve liked less.

  5. well, i stand by it, i like to be different…

  6. The game never really stood a chance being released alongside Sonic all stars racing transformed. Sonic karting is superior on just about every level, and pretty much annihilated Race Stars on all fronts!
    That’s not to say that race stars would have been a better game if released as the only karter, but it would have suffered one less nail in the coffin!
    I don’t think that LBP karting was much better, but still need to try that game so will reserve judgement.

    • Also, just to point out that Milestone are sort of going down this route and having a go at an arcadey spin off to their WRC rally sim games with that powerslide PSN title…….probably the same route that codies should have taken with Race Stars……..a PSN title!

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