PS Mobile SDK Updated To 0.99, Adds In App Purchases

The word “microtransactions” seems terribly old fashioned already, which is odd because the idea is becoming ever more prevalent on as many platforms as I can think of.

The latest platform to get microtransactions? PS Mobile. The new PS Suite development kit has been updated to version 0.99 (presumably the last before the ‘one’ point release), and with it the ability to have in app purchases, much like those on iPhone and iPad.

The following new features have been added:

  • In-App Purchase library
  • Digital Signature & Encryption library for content protection
  • GamePad support for UI Toolkit library
  • ModelViewer for previewing .mdx files on PC
  • More than 50 bug fixes

I had a quick look at PS Mobile / PS Suite when it first entered public beta and it’s a great way to get homebrew games on your Vita, even if you don’t make them yourself.

I’m hoping this will be huge for the system – I’m just not keen on IAPs.



  1. I’m really not a fan of IAP, to the point where I often don’t download something with a “top in-app purchases” list on the store page, but they’re necessary these days for the kind of thing we’ll (hopefully) see on PSMobile.

    I just can’t wait to see the thing up and working and playing host to some apps on my Vita. Every step forward is welcome, even ones like this which are for features I’m not very comfortable with.

    • I avoid them too, especially if it’s not something that i keep. eg coins, or something else that’s expendable.

      some games, like that zombie shooter or that drag racing game, take the piss completely with IAPs.

      same with that Vita Montezuma game. not touching that for exactly the same reason.

      • Montezuma has had an update recently, might be worth another look.

      • Im abit behind with all these mobile phone apps, whats IAP?

      • Integrated annihilation protocol or something, though apparantly its named In-app purchases. Not quite deadly.

  2. hope this is close for release.

    • Me too. Sony aren’t doing enough to push Vita, I just hope this’ll do the job.

      • and 3rd party publishers aren’t doing enough or even independents but if they get some exciting games shown then the Vita will sell more and actually do good at Christmas.

        Just like the PSP all over again….

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