PS Mobile Games Don’t Work On Firmware 2.00 – Without A Reboot

The PS Vita struggles with booting PlayStation Mobile games after an update to firmware 2.00 – but it’s not something that’s difficult to fix.

Essentially when you’ve updated the firmware, the next time you run a PS Mobile game it’ll force another update, this time to the PSM Runtime software, the library that actually boots the PSM games from the Vita’s home screen.


That’s only about 8 MB, and is pretty quick to install.

However, trying a game after that, like Alien Breed, and the Vita just throws up a nasty error (CO-14533-6) and exits the game. We’re not sure if that’s with every PSM game, but it’s possible.

The fix is simple: just reboot your PS Vita once both the firmware update and the PSM Runtime update are done and installed, and the games should load just fine.




  1. strange, why don’t Sony just kick up a restart message or just integrate it in to the system update.

    It’s generally called a UI and it is built for end-users Sony -_-

  2. testing, who needs it? o_O

  3. Sold my Vita last week, had had it since launch. It just didn’t really fit with my lifestyle – I don’t commute, and there were not enough compelling games (like Uncharted) to make me choose it over my Playstation of watching BluRays. A fantastic piece of kit. Hopefully they will stick at it and it will become an integral part of the PS4 strategy, perhaps bundling with the new console, albeit for a slightly higher price. This is surely all that can save it. Otherwise I fear a long protracted death.

    • I wouldn’t go that far, even if it doesn’t fare too well next year all that has be announced is that monster hunter is coming and it can change things around.

      Not forgetting that ps3 was hardly everyones cup at tea at £400 on release. Sony worked at it and turned it around. At least we can be guaranteed that if certain things don’t come, when the dollar signs start giving alarm bells to a company as big as sony, it is amazing what can be done.

      This update is just a reminder of how a console meaning little can mean a lot i.e. look at PSP

      • I think you’re going to regret that when the free games and services come flooding in with Plus.

      • Monster Hunter won’t make much of a difference here, what the Vita really needs is more stuff like RPGS, fighters or some game that look very outstanding. Most of my friends would be looking forward to those stuff on Vita more than uncharted or Assassins Creed. Simply because it appeals to them.

    • I’m with you on this one. I think we’re going to see a slow death, sadly. Momentum has already been lost and Sony need to very quickly gather that back together. The more momentum it loses the more difficult it will be to turn things around. Devs simply won’t want to touch it.

    • 3rd parties need to be making more games for it, its the same for the 3DS because all I see for it is Nintendos stuff and the odd Capcom game. Anyway if your not like one bit interested in PSP games or PSN downloads then your fecked. Vita may seem underwhelming without them.

  4. Once again, Japanese programmers strike back! These guys need a serious firmware upgrade too.

  5. lol, can’t help thinking this has become a ‘hate vita’ thread over the short period of a day.

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