Sony Confirm Trophies Coming To PlayStation Mobile

Speaking with Polygon The Verge Polygon recently, Sarah Thomson, senior manager of Mobile Content Acquisition, confirmed that trophies and online leaderboards were coming to PlayStation Mobile, which currently only has game-specific achievements.

“It’s coming,” she said. “I couldn’t tell you what the timeline is on that, but those kinds of features are definitely in our purview. We are hearing the feedback, and we take everything from what the gamers are saying and what the developers are saying to heart.


“Trust me, it’s a priority for us,” Thomson said.

Why didn’t the service, which launched last week, come with the functionality as standard, then? “There’s actually a method to our madness to launching in this sort of minimal, viable product standpoint, or a beta,” Thomson replied.

“We’re calling it a beta launch. It’s because we want developers and our gamers to give us feedback real time, on, ‘What do you like? What would you like to see improve? What would you like to see come out in the future?’ So the gaming community and the development community are genuinely shaping what our offering evolves into.”

Fairly sure at least 99% of the gamers and developers would have just said “trophies” from the off, but it’s great news to hear that they’re definitely coming.

And as for having PS Mobile on the PS3? “Stay tuned,” was the reply. “That’s all I can say.”



  1. Because PSM on PS3 is what everyone wants. If they are wasting man hours on that… I don’t even know.

    • Some will – Especially if it allows you to start a game on the move & finish it off when you get home.

      Not for me, but i can see the appeal.

    • Well it is called PlayStation mobile…

  2. Don’t know how it would work on ps3 as alot of the games are touch only.

    • You just touch your PS3 instead. It’ll work – Honest guv! :P

      • But it only works with the phat models, with the touch buttons.

      • touch only games?

        vita cross control

  3. Good news,i expect a lot of people will be happy with this.As for coming to the ps3 it’ll be like what @Forrest_01 said.

  4. also long as I can get tophies on the vita im happy :)

  5. Should have been done at launch not later!

    • small launch with not alot of games, psn isn’t mainstream yet so trophys from the start isn’t a loss or a talking point as psm was only released a week ago lol

      which of your psm games would you of liked trophys for??

      • Don’t matter it’s not as if trophies is a new feature, they lost most customers cause of this, I don’t buy minis no matter how great it is without trophies it’s just a game

      • they “lost most customers” because of this? after 1 week of release?? lol

        a game is a game

        a game with trophys is a game,

        I assume you haven’t bought any games from psm and your just apart of the normal “I’m going to moan for any reason” Internet crew,

      • Don’t remember moaning please point it out, I just made my point & opinion, I like my games with trophies that simple my preference, if you like your games how they are that is great & I did buy some games at psm launch.

        Also psm launch games wasn’t even all that anyway people hardly new, if I didn’t come to this site psm would another useless unheard of feature on my vita

  6. really? Sony needed for feedback on whether to put trophies or not? i’ve heard less lame excuses :p

  7. No need for trophies, I have a trophy wife.

  8. When they say ‘beta launch’ and that they wanted feedback from developers and gamers, did they say that before the PSM launch too or just in this interview thats presumably from today? Sounds like a bit of a fib to me.

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