Two Free Games On PlayStation Mobile – Monster Hotel And Quiet Please

PlayStation Mobile often has its fair share of offers and free games, but this week’s freebies look pretty good. They come in the form of Monster Hotel and Quiet Please, and all you’ll need is a PlayStation Mobile compatible device (find that out here) with the app installed, or a PS Vita system.

Monster Hotel


The first, Monster Hotel, is a game which puts you as the owner of a guesthouse with some odd dwellers, as they’re all monsters! You’ll have to keep them happy, which might be quite the task, to work your way to the top of the leaderboards.

Quiet Please

Quiet Please is the second game and it also sounds quite interesting. You’re tired after a long and gruelling day at school so you just want some peace, but with neighbours mowing their lawn, your Dad watching all of his favourite TV shows as loud as possible and your Mum gossiping on the phone, you’ll have to solve an assortment of puzzles to keep things quiet.

So, those both seem like decent games, and they’re definitely worth a try considering that they’re free!


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  1. Quiet Please kinda reminds me of the old Little Computer People game, but more colourful.

    if you haven’t played it it’s likes the great, great grandfather of the Sims series.

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