PlayStation Mobile Will Expand To Nine New Countries

Sony’s PlayStation Mobile platform will  be available in nine new nations from December 18th, in addition to current locations. These new nations will be New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Mexico, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, and Belgium.

To help developers get used to creating content for the platform Sony will make available the PSM Developer Program from the 5th of December in those nations, and will include the SDK as part of the package.


It’s good to see the support for PSM be available to a wider audience, and I look forward to seeing what new content and games new developers will bring.

Source: Sony



  1. Is the ios playstation 4 app out in the UK yet?

    • Yep, has been for about a week. Do a find on playstation official app. It’s just the old app updated & improved

      • Is it definitely still available? Just searched for playstation app and the only official sony result was “we are playstation” which is in French.


  3. At last – and there should be a decent library to choose from at this stage. Is it all games or are there other apps available?

  4. Another 9 countries to have look at it buy a few game and not be impressed just like me.

  5. Hopefully this expansion will lead to some more decent quality games, I downloaded the free ones during their giveaway, but haven’t downloaded anything else. The App Stores offer far better quality games imo.

  6. Slightly off topic, well prob completely off topic but has anyone heard if Sony’s video store will be available on the PS4 in Ireland?

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