Sony Drops Android Support For PlayStation Mobile

It seems as though PlayStation Mobile is as good as done, with Sony conceding and dropping support for PSM games on PlayStation-certified Android devices.

“There is the possibility that content may not work correctly with devices that have been updated to Android ™ OS version 4.4.3 or later” says the translated post on Sony’s Japanese site. It also looks like, going by their FAQ, that you won’t be able to download content or access the PS Mobile store on certain devices.


So, if you don’t update your Android device, then you’ll still be able to access the entire library of games, but updating brings a risk with compatibility issues. It’s a bit unfair, but Sony say that their focus is on content for PS Vita TV and PS Vita from now on, and that PSM will continue.



  1. With so much work to do elsewhere why commit resources to maintaining and developing a platform within a 3rd party OS, especially when that 3rd party OS already has a wealth of games which work perfectly well? It always seemed like a rather experimental approach from Sony to create their own platform on Android.

    • Or maybe Sony wanted a piece of the android market, and as usual limited its own user base to vita, xperia phones and a few other 3rd party devices,
      Then realised you can charge £20.00 for angry birds where it only costs 89p on the play store..greedy sony

  2. Maybe if they had enabled trophies for psm games it would’ve helped. Given the millions of android phones they could’ve tried more to capitalize.

  3. I had forgotten this even existed. I think i tried it once on the Vita and quickly deleted it.

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