PlayStation Mobile To Close On PS Vita This July

Sony’s mini app store, PlayStation Mobile, is to close this July and has already ceased support on Android devices.

There will be no new content after July 15th and from September 10th PlayStation Mobile will close completely, which means you will not be able to re-download any games you have purchased in the past.


Despite proving popular with developers – there were ten games released on PSM last week – it seems Vita owners have not embraced the platform, possibly due to the pricing of games which are regularly higher than those on iOS.

It’s another loss for the PS Vita but as very few used it, perhaps not a great one.  I suspect the service is the victim of the re-invention of Sony in to a leaner, more profitable company, will you miss PlayStation Mobile?

Source: Sony Japan / The Verge



  1. first they do it with the comics, you can’t download any comics you’ve bought any more.
    and now any psm titles you bought won’t be downloadable.

    i don’t know if i ever bought any psm titles, but i know i spent a lot of money on those comics, and now i can’t access any of them, so i know how much of a shitty decision this is by sony.

    what’s to stop them doing the same thing with psn games if they decide they’re not profitable enough any more?
    not likely i know, but they could decide the PSP games aren’t worth the trouble, and then they won’t be downloadable any more.

    it’s this kind of thing that puts me off downloadable games.

    it’s not like you could keep all your downloads locally either, not with the ludicrous prices of Vita memory cards.

  2. I was only ever really interested in Playstation Mobile when they promised PSOne games for Android for use with my Sony Tablet S and Xperia phone. But once they dropped this I lost interest, and on the Vita I only ever picked up the free give away games as most things on there look a little dodgy to say the least.

  3. While I’m not sad to see them stop the service for new content I’m annoyed I won’t be able to re download some of the genuinely good games I bought, like rymdkapsel and the Futurlab games.

    • Pretty sure those games are remastered as full PSN games. That was the good thing about it partly. If a game got off the ground, it usually went further to go on Vita/PS3 as a digital game, not a PS mobile game.

      • Rymdkapsel is PSM. The Original Velocity was a Mini, not PSM

      • Indeed Rymdkapsel is PSM only for Playstation, although it can be bought on Steam still.

        Also Alien Breed was another one that got re-published into a full PSN game.

      • The Futurlab games I was talking about are Fuel Tiracas and Surge. I know rymdkapsel is out on PC and mobile and Aqua Kitty got a remake but I don’t think it’s ok to have to force me to rebuy games.
        There are some games that are only on PSM like Console Saga and Picbox.

      • Surge got remade, but I completely forgot about the legend that was Fuel Tiracas (a game I’ll definitely miss).

        It’s pretty shite that Sony wipe away the ability to re-download, therefore stealing back content that we’ve all paid for. Not impressed.

  4. I didn’t even know this was a thing on the Vita, shows how well advertised it was. Perhaps if they had bothered to make the prices more reasonable and maybe give the game trophies for people to hunt for it could have had some success.

  5. I must download the Mobile version of lemmings while I remember then…

  6. Another failed promise. I do feel sorry for all those aspiring developers who got an opportunity to create something and have Sony support them through publishing as well. Very sad, and it only accentuates the fact that Vita is indie + remote-play device only from now on. What bastards!

  7. Lack of trophies certainly didn’t help. Rightly or wrongly, trophies/achievements have a large bearing on gaming nowadays.

  8. Chaos Rings 1&2 are probably the best games to come out on the service. But with the 3rd getting a full Vita release and the price being £6ish, I think I will hold off. Shame though.

  9. It’s a shame that despite the playstation brand booming Sony are quietly shifting the vita aside more and more. Sold mine this week, which means I gave up on it later than Sony did.

  10. I get them not investing in the service anymore but I’m not pleased with how they’re leaving you with a ‘one last chance’ to download the stuff you’ve bought.
    I suppose this is the danger of games being a licence you have access to rather than a product you own.

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