Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Outed

A release schedule published by Sega (and subsequently removed rather quickly) seems to have outed HD remakes of the first two Yakuza games.

It appears that both games will come on a single Blu-ray and wil be released in December in Japan, conveniently the same time as Yakuza 5.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Now these are HD remakes I can get behind, I loved Yakuza one but never quite finished it, missed out on 2 and loved 3, so I’m up for this.

  2. Awesome, have been waiting for something like this. Ever since I don’t have my ps2, I have been waiting to try the first 2 games again. Now that might just be possible.

    Yakuza series is awesome and cant wait for this to arrive to European shores

  3. Hope they get localized, and deffo Yakuza 2 would be great can’t get that game currently because its either in Japan or in US only.

  4. Although the Yakuza games are great & i do love them, i kinda feel like i don’t need to play these – Yakuza games released on PS3 (bar Dead Souls) have had a recap for what has come before. At least Yakuza 3 definitely did, but i can’t really remember whether 4 did or not.

    As i already know what has come before, i think its best to give these a miss & stick to the newer ones, as i kinda get the feeling that they are going to feel really clunky now.

    Good place for someone to start who is just starting out, or has a genuine interest in how the older ones play though.

  5. will be up for getting these.

  6. Hoping these will come to Europe. Couldn’t really get into Yakuza 3, but I hear that the first two are a bit more grounded.

  7. Got Yakuza3 in the closing-down sale at Game pre-owned for £2.98. Yet to play it sadly (in me backlog)

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